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Hi everybody, welcome back, my name is Alisha and today we are going to talk about a holiday.
Today's holiday is Valentine's Day. Perhaps you are familiar with Valentine's Day. Valentine's
The key points about Valentine's Day, it's celebrated on the 14th of February every year.
It's a celebration of love and romance or in some cases friendship too. People commonly
exchange chocolates or flowers, teddy bears I don't know whatever it is, Jewelry. What
are you doing for Valentine's Day this year? Give us a comment and let us know.
Okay St. Valentine, St. Valentine, I do not know anything about St. Valentine. It says
here, it was a third century saint who was beheaded on February 14th, year 273 in Rome.
The history which links the same to modern day Valentine 's Day is sketchy. Umm that
would be very interesting if this was actually a holiday which celebrated the beheading of
a saint. I wonder how we got from this to chocolates and flowers but who knows. St.
Valentine was a saint who was beheaded in Rome. So I don't know what the connection
is between his beheading and modern romance. Praying mantis love.
The next word is sweethearts. Sweethearts, this actually refers to the candy. There is
a candy called sweethearts. They are really, really small. They kind of taste like choc
in my mind and there is some kind of romantic or love related message that's written on
these candied hearts like you know Be mine or XOXO or I Love You and they are not really
good. It's just the sort of thing that you give. At least in America in elementary schools,
you are expected well in some cases. In my case I was. Everyone is expected to give a
valentine to everybody else in the class so nobody feels left out and so one of the popular
candies for kids because it was cheap and it was easy to pass out with these little
boxes of these sweet hearts candies so you would give them out to all your friends or
to all your classmates. We take a little you know Disney Character card Beauty and the
Beast. Okay well, Belle is going to go to this person and Beast is going to go here
and this person is going to get Lumiere. In a sentence, I really hate it when I receive
sweethearts on Valentine's Day because they taste so bad and I can never get rid of them.
The next word, the next thing is chocolate truffles. Uh so chocolate truffles, this is
kind of pastry-ish thing, confectionary, that's a better word here that can be filled with
like cream, it can be filled with chocolate, it can be filled with I don't even know,
all kinds of delicious things. In a sentence, I love chocolate truffles. They are so delicious
and it makes me happy to receive them. Truffle shuffle.
Cupid. Cupid is the Roman well yeah kind of stolen from the Greeks who turned him into
a guy named Cupid. Supposedly the God of desire and love. Let's see, the common image of
Cupid is a baby who shoots people with arrows. He is a little angel who shoots people and
people that he shoots with the arrows fall in love. Again very strange, very strange,
I don't know. In a sentence, let's see Cupid's arrow supposedly have magical powers
that can make people fall in love with one another.
Next, end. That's the end of Valentine's Day words. Let's try that again. So that's
the end of some Valentine's Day vocabulary words. You might see some of these words and
some similar words like this around in your country even at this time of the year. So
that's what they mean, try them out with some of your friends. That's all for this
week and we will see you again next time for more fun stuff. Bye.
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English VALENTINE'S DAY Words with Alisha

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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