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  • just waiting for the assistant commissioner at New Scotland Yard to make a statement.

  • It's coming up in a few seconds, will just continue to shoot these pictures from reading three people just to remind you injured and three dead in that attack last night.

  • We know the prime minister has been briefed by the police.

  • So now we'll wait to hear what they say about why they have declared this a terrorist incident.

  • After a little bit of a delay overnight.

  • They've come out in the last hour or so and confirmed that it is counter terrorist police who are investigating this.

  • A man being held in custody.

  • A 25 year old Libyan man is being held currently on suspicion of murder.

  • Andi horrific events that unfolded in this park in four re gardens.

  • My name is Neil Basu.

  • I'm assistant commissioner in the National League for Counter Terrorism policing.

  • I'd like to read you a short statement Yesterday.

  • Saturday, the 20th of June showed a short time after seven PM a man ran into four berry gardens in the centre of reading on attacked members of the public with a knife.

  • He left three dead at a number of people needing hospital treatment.

  • This was an atrocity.

  • My deepest sympathies go out to the families who will be mourning loved ones today after this horrific act and to everyone who has been affected by it.

  • We're working with the coroner to formally identify all those who have died and to inform and support their relatives.

  • I would like to praise the actions of Thames Valley police colleagues who responded immediately.

  • They detained the attacker nearby, unarmed and incredibly also contribute to the bravery of members of the public who provided emergency first aid counter terrorism policing officers also attended the scene immediately on.

  • They have worked through the night very closely with Thames Valley Police and this morning I can formally confirm that this was declared a terrorist incident at 08 30 as a result of those investigations through the night, 25 year old man was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murder and he remains in custody from our enquiries undertaken so far, officers have found nothing to suggest that there was anyone else involved in this attack.

  • Presently, we are not looking for anyone else in relation to the incident.

  • However, counterterrorism detectives worked closely with the security services and will work closely with Thames Valley major crime colleagues and we continue to make enquiries to ensure that that is the case.

  • Priority will always be to ensure there is no outstanding threat for members of the public.

  • Well, they're The motivation for this horrific act is far from certain.

  • Cancer terrorism placing have taken responsibility for leading the investigation.

  • However, we're clear that it was not associated in any way with the Black Lives matter protest which took place peacefully earlier on in the day on which had concluded some hours before this attack took place.

  • We will be working round the clock on this investigation to get justice for those killed and injured, and I would appeal to.

  • Members of the public who may have witnessed the attack will have information that might assist the investigation to contact the police.

  • I am incredibly grateful to the 41 witnesses have come forward so far, but if you have not yet come forward, please callers on, particularly if you have any footage of the incident and on that point, can I reiterate calls for the public to show restraint and please don't share images and footage of the attack on social media.

  • We are asking CS Peas to do exactly the same thing.

  • The pandemic has made very strange territory of our familiar places, and I appreciate the concern this attack will obviously cause.

  • But let me be clear.

  • There is no specific intelligence to suggest anyone attending crowded places is at risk.

  • But I would ask the public, please continue with your daily lives.

  • But be alert, not alarmed when you're out in public.

  • If you see anything suspicious, anything at all that makes you feel suspicious, then please report it.

  • Please remain vigilant.

  • As I said, we're going to work around the clock investigating this incident.

  • We will issue further information as it's confirmed.

  • Thank you.

  • So that is a Neil Basu, assistant commissioner at New Scotland Yard, looking for anyone else in connection with this incident.

  • That's clearly a main line of inquiry in the moment, and we will continue working on that as soon as we have further information, we will give that out.

  • This person known authority, something surveillance and has terrible.

  • So we're not going to talk about the individual, apparently because it's a live investigation.

  • But what I can say at the moment.

  • It could you just repeat the last part of your question?

  • Terrorism threat in this country remains a substantial clearly for the public.

  • That means an attack is still likely.

  • That's why we're asking the public to remain alert, not alarmed and vigilant when they're in public.

  • Thank you.

  • Well, that's the end of that short briefing there from the Assistance Commissioner Neil Basu at the bulletin police.

  • And let's just sum up what he was saying as we continue to look at those pictures from my helicopter off the scene in reading there, as the police investigation continues on, Neil Basu was saying that no looking for anybody else in particular at the moment.

  • Nothing to suggest that anybody else was involved.

  • They're not looking for anybody else in connection with what happened in reading.

  • One man is in custody at 8 30 this morning, it was declared a terrorist incidents on just telling the public to be alert.

  • There is still a terror threat that it remains substantial.

  • Be alert but not alarmed on there, saying that there's an around the clock police investigation into what happens and appealing for more witnesses, he said they've already had 41 witnesses so far who have come forward, and he was very grateful to those witnesses who have come forward but also asking anybody else who witnessed the attack or the aftermath to come forward.

  • Onda Talk to the police Let's go back to Daniel Sanford, our home affairs correspondent who's at the scene in reading on DSA.

  • Interesting information there from Neil Basu there, Daniel in particular, saying that they're not looking for anybody else.

  • Yeah, I think there were two critical things in that statement.

  • The 1st 1 is that they don't this.

  • They think anyone was involved, as were previously discussing.

  • It looks like this is a lone Individuals who may have bean radicalized on decided to take out thats action on their own.

  • You have to forgive me.

  • I got a police helicopter overhead.

  • A moment is probably making it difficult for you to hear me on.

  • The other critical thing is that the threat level hasn't changed as a result of this attack.

  • The threat level remains substantial, which means then attack is likely, but it hasn't been raised to severe, and I think that's another clue that This is believed to be an isolated incident, but of course, an incident the police still need to understand fully.

  • And that's why yet again, the appeal for the public to come forward not to share videos on social media but to provide videos to the police to come forward evidence.

  • They want anybody who saw anything before or after or during this and yesterday to give evidence to the counterterrorism detectives, because in the end, these investigations are built on forensics, but also on eyewitness evidence.

  • And very, very often the police struggled to get enough people to come forward and so explain exactly what they've seen.

  • So that's a key part of the request from Neil Basu assistant commissioner Neil Basu in his role as the head of counter terrorism policing in the UK Daniel Many thanks indeed s Daniel Sandford.

just waiting for the assistant commissioner at New Scotland Yard to make a statement.

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