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I don't never passed out.
I remember a gable on your was dying Are there recurring nightmare for 12 years, every night, this booth, 96 legged graves who is accountable for 96 off Law Guild?
I was born into hills.
I've never known life without pills.
I'm only 25 now.
This is all I've ever knew.
Hillsborough is Britain's worst ever sports disaster, both in terms of the numbers killed and injured on the longer winding aftermath.
30 years of enquiries and investigations Police have trying desperately hard to hold back on.
At the moment, it is simple mayhem.
I remember hearing about Hillsborough when it happened.
Seeing it on the TV news.
I was growing up in Manchester at the time.
It was only really when I started working for the BBC is the North of England correspondent that I began to look in close detail.
That was 10 years ago or so when I've spent 10 years following every twist and turn of it, and they've been so many twists and turns to fully understand Hillsborough, you have to look at what happened in 1989 Bank, then Hillsborough was one of the most prestigious grounds in England, chosen to host one of the most important football fixtures in the calendar, the F A Cup semifinal.
For the second year in a row, Liverpool were drawn against Nottingham Forest, knotting and fans when North and the Scousers went east across the Apennines, and they converged here on the west side of the ground at Leppings Lane.
It was a sunny day, and Liverpool had everything to play for.
The fans arrived full of hope for the problems soon began here, outside the ground, with minutes to go before kick up.
There were still thousands of people here waiting to get in national streaming from negates that people in a money saving control with the money ticket mixed with there was at this moment that a critical decision was made by David Duncan Field.
He ordered a large exit gate to be opened.
More than 2000 fans poured into the ground.
The or mitigates need your splatters walk?
It didn't even say Hit Awful is enough to come to see you come through a case, but you go out in the game.
But the area they headed to down the main tunnel was already full back then.
Like many football grounds, Hillsborough had a terrace section where supporters would stand to watch the game.
They were fenced in behind metal railings, which were installed to stop pitch invasions.
But effectively, it meant the fans were penned into cages.
You want to get old today in Liverpool, it feels as though everyone has some connection to the disaster.
It was a lot I used to go to school with.
It was actually one of the front pages with his arm across horrible university gels way have people that have been in the ground cape.
Obviously, a lot of people was only young with time.
I did after one cause there's well, it's stopped going to send your child to a football match with a staff every time saying you never walk along yours of a tear in your eye.
The bereaved families and survivors have campaigned for justice for three decades.
Recently, a new group has been set up to help.
Those who were in the crush by on Damian and Ian were all there on their memories of what it was like a haunted them for 30 years.
This is the first time they've described their experiences to each other today.
My friends who was just and just behind me, she was shouting.
She was dying on the needs to help her.
I couldn't do anything to help trying to breathe myself accountable, breath it, stopping on the throat because it just couldn't expand.
Belongs at all.
Student As time, my body just didn't do anything on the guilt of no help.
He's just suicide attempts so far tattooed because that was more positive alternative to cut myself off lost family members because of it I lost a door to because of.
It's all because of pills.
When the subject Aviles comes up in them easier if we dare to take things you know what?
It's a very difficult place for us to integrate into our large.
We'll never get over what alums waken learn to live with it.
I know that You know, people describe yet well, you'll be remembered in life, feel sale.
You know these guys He was this and he was unknown.
Some people say that it it's marked a lot like his name.
The survivors have lived with the trauma of the crush ever since, with 96 people didn't get out.
They were young and old, a 10 year old boy, 37 teenagers, parents, two sisters, a father and son, a mother, a pensioner of 67.
Their families hold their memories tight, the love undimmed through the generations.
I lost my uncle before I even had a chance to meet him.
I know how you got that.
Another able to fill some of the sister of Brian Mathews, who was killed, a Hillsborough I have spent over half my lifetime trying to defend his good name.
I'm only 25 now.
This is all I've ever knew for 30 years.
I don't think of experience today where Hillstrand has never been mentioned.
I've never actually seen toe the hills were stayed in myself or code to draw you out a plan off the grounds.
I could show you the entry routes I could detail or pretend style cheese at the moment, studying to be a banister.
It's not a career that she's chosen over free will.
It's a career that she's chosen because off the injustices that people often ask me, why is hills were still going on?
And in fairness, if you told the families and survivors back in 1989 that their case would still be going through the courts today, they'd have been horrified.
So why has it taken so long?
One, I suppose.
One of the answers is that whilst have been enquiries and investigations over the years, some of them didn't hit the mark on that's because they weren't looking then the full range of evidence, which is available now for years it always felt to the families and the survivors that it was them against the establishment.
But then there was this moment.
I remember being at Anfield for the 20th anniversary memorial service.
It was a really seminal moment, because that's when this single heckle started from the cop toward Andy Burnham, that who was culture secretary at the time will never be forgotten on.
The asked us to think at this time on that one cry for justice.
That wave it, it started, has carried on right through to today.
That, I think, is what sent the signal to Westminster importance of releasing all of documents around Hillsborough that led the way to the creation of the Hillsborough Independent panel.
Its report in 2012 was really important.
It lead the way towards new inquests with the weight off the new evidence in this report, it is right for me today as Prime Minister, to make a proper apology to the families of the 96 in 2015 David Duncan field gave evidence.
And now, four years later, the audio recording of it has just been released.
Do you agree with the following?
The people died in a crush in the central pens.
Yes, sir, that if they had not been permitted to float down the tunnel into those central pens, that would not have occurred.
Yes, sir.
The closing the tunnel would have prevented that and therefore would have prevented the tragedy.
Yes, sir, that you failed to recognize there was a need to close that tunnel.
I did fail to recognize that, sir.
Yes, on therefore failed to take steps to achieve that.
I did so on that Fairly waas the direct cause of the deaths of 96 persons in the hills.
Yes, sir.
David Duncan Field was also asked about the lie he told on the afternoon of the disaster when he told the FAA that fans had broken their way into the ground.
I was probably deeply ashamed, embarrassed, greatly distressed.
I probably I didn't want to admit to myself or anyone else what the situation is.
What I would like to say.
It's the Liverpool families is this.
I regret that omission a national regret it to my dying day than in 2016 Thean Quest jewelry found first of all, that the fans who who died and who went to Hills but weren't to blame in any way on secondly, really crucially that those who died were unlawfully killed.
I always hoped I've read.
We get the assistance.
I don't even like this.
I was one of the few journalists allowed inside the courtroom when the verdicts were handed down from the families were crying.
The lawyers were crying.
They tested.
Mayor felt that sense of history.
But I remember at the same time wondering what it would mean for the next step of the legal journey.
This is unlawful killing, so someone broke the law.
So who is it?
The inquests found that David Duncan fields actions contributed to the deaths, but an inquest isn't a trial.
The match commander was charged with the manslaughter of 95 Liverpool fans.
The 96th victim, Tony Bland, died nearly four years after the disaster.
Too late to be included in the case.
Being here at Preston Crown Court today feels a bit like deja vu because we were all here back in the spring.
That jury couldn't decide if he was guilty or innocent, so a retrial was ordered.
And here we are now, with the prosecution starting again.
It's like around talk dies, just history, repeating itself all over again.
Way are quite scared, fiercely feels a little bit of dreads, right on us breaking news, said the trial of the Hillsborough match commander, David Duncanville.
It's gotta Fiona Trot.
That's what the jury have just turned.
Returned verdicts off.
Not guilty.
They say that 75 year old David darkened field the man whose match commander on the day of the Hillsborough disaster is not guilty of gross negligence, manslaughter.
96 people have found to have been unlawfully killed to a credible standards by an inquest story, and somebody has got to be held responsible for 96 deaths in the biggest sporting disaster in delicious legal history.
No one will ever take away the fact all of one's way unlawfully killed.
We know the truth of what happens.
I just hope that everybody yells, can sleep easy tonight, knowing that they have taken away our chance to grieve and the chance for truth to be known to this country way.
We should all care about Hillsborough because it's a disaster which says so much about so many different aspects of British life and society from going to football games.
It'll seater stadia what it says about our judicial system, our police forces, the way victims were cared for then in the late eighties and the way they are now, the way we respond to large scale disasters.
And then that the heart of it, of course, are the 96 people who went to a football match thinking they were just going for a great family day out and they never came home.
And I never forget that.
That could have been made.
Could have been you.
It could have been any of us if any positive aspect is to come from Hillsborough, is that we have to care about them and we have to care about that on the lessons that can be learned so that nothing on that sort of scale ever happens again.
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Hillsborough: The Thirty-year Search for Justice - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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