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Marshall is asking the Lord chancellor to deliver the speech to Robert Buckland makes his way towards the throne.
Presents its too much see turns around the Queen's speech.
This new conservative government is about to be unveiled.
My lords and members of the House of Commons.
My government's priority is to deliver the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union on the 31st of January.
My ministers will bring forward legislation to ensure the United Kingdom's exit on that date and to make the most of the opportunities of this spring's for all the people of the United Kingdom.
Thereafter, my ministers will seek a future relationship with the European Union based on a free trade agreement, the benefits the whole of the United Kingdom.
They will also begin trade negotiations with other leading global economies.
The integrity and prosperity of the United Kingdom is of the utmost importance to my government.
My ministers will work urgently to facilitate talks to restore devolved government in Northern Ireland.
My government will embark on an ambitious programme of domestic reform that delivers on the people's priorities for the first time, the National Health Services Multi Year funding settlement agreed earlier this year will be enshrined in law.
Steps will be taken to grow and support the national health services workforce, and a new visa will ensure qualified doctors, nurses and health professionals have far strike entry to the United Kingdom.
Hospital car parking charges will be removed for those in greatest need.
My ministers will see cross party consensus on proposals for long term reform of social care.
They will ensure that the social care system provides everyone with the dignity and security they deserve, and that no one who needs care has to sell their home to pay for it.
My ministers will continue work to reform the Mental Health Act, a modern fair point based immigration system.
Well welcome skilled workers from across the world to contribute to the United Kingdom's economy, communities and public services.
My government will bring forward measures to support working families, raising the national insurance there showed and increasing the national living wage.
Doing sure every child has access to high quality education, my ministers will increase levels of funding for pupil in every school.
Measures will be brought forward to encourage flexible working to introduce the entitlement to leave unpaid carers and help people save for later life.
New measures will be brought forward to protect tenants and to improve building safety.
My government will take steps to support home ownership, including by making homes available at a discount for local first time buyers.
My ministers will develop legislation to improve Internet safety for all.
My government is committed to a fair justice system that keeps people safe.
My ministers will establish a royal commission to review and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice process.
New sentencing laws will ensure the most serious violent offenders, including terrorists, served longer in custody.
New laws will require schools, police councils on health authorities to work together to prevent serious crime.
My government will ensure those charged with knife possession face swift justice and that the courts work better for all those who engage with them, including victims of domestic abuse.
Legislation will be brought forward to support victims of crime and their families.
Measures will be developed to tackle hostile activity conducted by foreign states.
My ministers will bring forward measures to ensure that every part of the United Kingdom can prosper.
My government will invest in the country's public services and infrastructure whilst keeping borrowing and debt under control, maintaining the sustainability of the public finances through a responsible fiscal strategy, my government will prioritise investment in infrastructure and world leading science research and skills in order to unleash productivity and improve daily life for communities across the country.
It will give communities more control over how investment is spent.
Said that they can decide what is best for them to support business.
My government will increase tax credits for research and development, established a national skills fund and bring forward changes to business rates.
New laws will accelerate the delivery of gigabit capable broadband to ensure people couldn't depend on the transport network.
Measures will be developed to provide for minimum levels of service during transport strikes.
My government will continue to take steps to meet the world leading target of net Syria greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
It will continue to lead the way in tackling global climate change, hosting the Cop 26 Summit in 2020.
To protect and improve the environment for future generations.
A bill will enshrine in law environmental principles, legally binding targets, including for air quality.
It will also ban the export of polluting plastic waste to countries outside the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and established a new world leading independent regulator.
In statute, a Constitution, Democracy and Rights Commission will be established.
Work will be taken forward to repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.
My government will continue to invest in our gallant armed forces.
My government will honor the Armed Forces Covenant which will be further incorporated into law and the nature commitment to spend at least 2% of national income on defense.
It will bring forward proposals to tackle vexatious claims that undermine our armed forces and will continue to seek better ways of dealing with legacy issues that provide better outcomes for victims and survivors.
My government will work to promote and expand the United Kingdom's influence in the world on integrated security, Defence and foreign policy review will be undertaken to reassess the nation's place in the world, covering all aspects of international policy, from defense to diplomacy and development.
My ministers will promote the United Kingdom's interests, including freedom of speech, human rights and the rule of law.
My government will work closely with international partners to help solve the most complex international security issues and to promote peace and security globally.
It will stand firm against those who threaten the values of the United Kingdom, including by developing a sanctions regime to directly address human rights abuse and working to ensure that all girls have access to 12 years of quality education.
Members of the House of Commons estimates for the public services will be laid before you, my lords and members of the House of Commons.
Other measures will be laid before you.
I pray that the blessing of Almighty God may rest upon your councils.
So the queen's speech has been delivered for this new conservative government.
That was quite a list of proposed legislation.
The most packed list that we've heard for a very long time on the Queen outlined proposed legislation in a wide range of areas of activity there, certainly more than enough to fill a five year period, though questions about how long a parliamentary period is will be asked again, given what was said there in terms of the fixed term parliament act, which weaken possibly refer to with my guests in in a few moments time.
But the Queen and the Prince of Wales, leaving the chamber of the House of Lords now back in the procession, on making their way back into the role gallery Onda back into the robing room, ready for the queen to leave Onda ready.
I supposed to prepare for Christmas with the family Onda normally spent in Sandringham.
Eso that's just six days away.
But the bit of work to be done in Parliament before then, including tomorrow, as Laura was saying earlier with the withdrawal agreement bill.
So as the crown is being taken and the queen and the prince are making their way, Laura, your immediate response to that very long list of proposed activity.
But top of the list, of course, is getting the Brexit legislation through, as we would expect on Ben.
Second to that, as we were mentioning earlier the health service.
But beyond that, as you suggest, I mean, there is tons on this agenda, not just things that were in the Conservative Manifesto, which was actually quite a slim document.
Deliberately not trying to, you know, create too much risk if they went into the general election.
But there's plenty of legislation on there, whether it's toughening up criminal sentencing whether it's acting to look it, potential injustices in terms of prosecutions of former soldiers in Northern Ireland.
We were hearing from one of the new Northern Irish MPs, I controversial that kind of action might be but beyond even the legislation that they have planned.
A few things standing out.
Promises of reviews, promises of reviews of our foreign policy on our defense and security in the real world.
A review to of how the courts operate.
A review Two of the Constitution, Andi writes.
Commissions that that will be a new commission will be set up to look at the Constitution.
How government works, what the relationship is between Whitehall.
Now that is the kind of thing where you think today might be the start of this government's ambition, not the limit off it.
You know, there are quite a few openings of doors there that might create rather a lot of interest.
Raise a few eyebrows and think that ultimately, once we get into the sort of proper day today, of course, Johnson's government, which I think will be after Brexit in February, the government, I think, well, actually may come forward with plans that pump might seem by today's comparison, to be rather radical.
And that, actually, for me is one of the fundamental questions of this new government.
With a majority like this, there's a lot they can do.
How many fights do they really want to pick?
Do they want to make a focus of two or three issues and really, really pair through them?
Or do they want to start really trying to sort of unplugged the way the country works and you can see from the MPs just leaving the chamber there, some new faces and some old as they come through.
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Queen's Speech: Monarch outlines PM's Brexit and NHS agenda - BBC News

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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