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  • Oh my, we will have a lot of posttraumatic stress.

  • It is an American people on the road in the house.

  • It's a disaster.

  • It's like staying prison.

  • It's so hard.

  • Even the queen delay our contract views Barometer Image Signatory Simona is haunted by her grandmother's final days, not knowing how she died or if she was afraid, a farmer said, When you do so with a lot, so many lives here have been touched by a sudden and tragic loss.

  • But the psychological scars spread far further scars of isolation, fear, and it's leaving this support center overwhelmed.

  • People don't know what to do they don't know to talk with.

  • So the coolers when I say some people call because they say I want to society because their life is not more they had to massively scale up the service.

  • They're now taking calls 24 hours a day from people a lacrosse.

  • It's Lee who, psychologically really struggling with some of them, are very hungry, very hungry.

  • Some people calls, shouting, screaming, Go!

  • You see me?

  • Yeah, I scream.

  • Sometimes sometimes I go crazy with my ad for Luca, who's a student this seven week locked down has become unbearable.

  • It's so difficult to say at home all day long when you live in ah, in a flat Andi, you done the greens bees.

  • What was your reaction when they extended the look down This last time I got great 80 with with my parents with my friends by my video shot.

  • I say them, really, we we have to Web to stay more time at home c e.

  • I feel like a prisoner.

  • I I'm a tumor.

  • Other people say I'm fried in it to go outside because I'm afraid that the virus is in there that can contact it.

  • This isn't a country that talks a lot about mental health.

  • There's no national system in place to help people, and psychologists say it's not equipped to treat the crisis that's emerging.

  • For sure We were on prepared that way.

  • Don't have enough psychology in the system.

  • So in this kind of moment, we need like a really public system to meet the demand for this kind of emergency.

  • The most important situation right now is a mantle.

  • The's food bank volunteers aren't trained for this.

  • Their grocery deliveries have become doorstep counseling sessions.

  • They need to talk with somebody.

  • They need to smile.

  • Read somebody.

  • I thought it is in your Dublin, Georgia.

  • No, that's Ah, our most important job to give us my any possible.

  • I do not know.

  • I mean, people that sold it gave no peeling 100.

  • Release Passat.

  • Okay?

  • You're not leaving and not talk or move body.

  • I don't see that a team again, but I don't need any ago.

  • Same okay.

  • Without activities.

  • What started as a health emergency is morphing into a psychological one.

  • But the true spread of the trauma is not visible yet.

  • Okay.

  • Am I supposed to indicate some people say this is not life anymore?

  • Cannot see the end.

  • Me, My feet, my ankle.

  • Evita a fashionable.

  • I want to be free.

  • I want to be free.

  • It was your everywhere in Europe.

Oh my, we will have a lot of posttraumatic stress.

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Coronavirus: Lockdown's heavy toll on Italy's mental health - BBC News

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