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  • starting Pakistan, where gunmen have it tucked the country's stock exchange in Karachi, killing six people, including a policeman and two guards.

  • Officials say all four Attackers have been shot dead.

  • Militants from the Baluchistan Liberation Army stormed inside the compound, throwing grenades and firing indiscriminately.

  • The police chief has said the situation is under control.

  • All employees are reported toe be safe now, having either managed to get out of the building or lock themselves in.

  • Our Correspondent America Draws reports from Lahore This was the scene when four gunmen armed with sophisticated weapons stormed the stock exchange building in Karachi, Pakistan's financial hub.

  • On a normal day.

  • This building gets up to 8000 people.

  • At the time of the attack, a large number of people who were inside the gunmen entered the premises from a rear parking lot and made their way to the main entrance.

  • Firing indiscriminately, the militants hurled a grenade at the private guards, securing the entrance.

  • By the time reinforcements arrived, the guards managed to hold the gunmen from entering the building.

  • Two of them were killed at the main gate on the road.

  • Another one was killed at the next gate.

  • The fourth terrorist was killed when he tried to enter through the gate of the main building.

  • I believe the law enforcement agencies have done a great job as a standard procedure.

  • The police had to search and clear the building.

  • The officials insist it was business as usual inside, despite an attack by insurgents unfolding outside.

  • Thank God a huge disaster could have occurred which has been averted.

  • Life is normal, markets are open, everything is normal.

  • There is no need for any concern.

  • We are totally relaxed.

  • A barren militant organization, Balloons Liberation Army, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

  • L.

  • A is one off the separatist groups active in Pakistan's restive Balochistan province.

  • Group seeks suppression from Pakistan, accusing the government off usurping their due dates since 2004 they have carried out multiple attacks against security forces in Pakistan.

  • They were also linked to the attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi in 2018 that killed four.

  • Pakistan's Interior minister, A Josh are in a message said the country's security agencies will soon get to the masterminds of this attack.

  • Omar Dayana, BBC News.

  • Okay, let's go live now to Karachi and speak to Reba Shahid.

  • She's the business and economics journalist for the newspaper Pakistan Today.

  • Thank you very much a Reba for joining us.

  • Just bring us up to date on the situation on the ground.

  • Now, is it'll Calm business as usual on the stock market It's about index went down during the attack, and immediately afterwards index recovered.

  • It's business as usual.

  • The show must go on.

  • So on a normal day, the B SX has around more than 6000 people coming in with staff itself.

  • Suitable number.

  • But you took over in 19.

  • The number of people on Venice's were no approximately less than 2000 people over there.

  • You see, the building is structured into in a way such that trading hall is there and until the trading whole are brokerage houses and another building with the administration.

  • Reports suggest that there was supposed to be a meeting of the board today, which the terrorist strike in concept.

  • However there done before by the law authority.

  • So I suppose the question is why the Pakistan Stock Exchange, its economic symbol.

  • Not only is it an economic symbols, but the Balochistan Liberation Army that has seemed to take responsibility for the attack has previously also attacked attire sponsored in 2018 And considering China's interests within the stock exchange and how Shangai doctor or is the majority shareholder within the stock market?

  • Um, you know, you could see why the hell with back on here.

  • They're hindrances toward trying.

  • Okay?

  • A Reba will have to leave it there.

  • Thanks very much for bringing us up to date there on the situation.

  • That was a Reba Shahid joining us there from a Karachi.

starting Pakistan, where gunmen have it tucked the country's stock exchange in Karachi, killing six people, including a policeman and two guards.

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Pakistan attack: Deadly raid on stock exchange in Karachi - BBC News

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