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So the monarch has arrived inside the Palace of Westminster on duh!
In time honored tradition, the union flag having bean lowered.
The royal standard will soon be flying above the Victoria Tower just on the banks of the River Thames.
Just a signal that the queen is in the building, that we all beautiful timing on the in the breeze, the role standard there, fluttering gently on signaling that the queen has arrived inside the palace off Westminster, the top of the staircase we have the Lord speaker on.
We have the leader of the Commons, followed by the Duke of Norfolk There on the Lord Chancellor and inside the, uh, lobby area, if you like just outside the robing room, they're awaiting the Queen's arrival under think that just to the left here of the staircase but Her Majesty very wisely using the lift that's been handily placed there just by the robing room itself so that it's Ah, it's a bit easier toe get in.
At this stage and in timely fashion, there are clips, office lips properly off Her Majesty being welcomed by the marks of tumbling on the Duke of Norfolk on making her way into the robing room, ready for the procession into the House of Lords.
But in central B, the police inspector getting ready for the speakers procession on the order for strangers to take their hats off.
So the speaker is on his way.
So Lindsay Hoyle, its first state opening of Parliament, having succeeded John Berko just a few weeks ago at the end of the last session.
So we're waiting for the shout that says that the speakers on his way Well, no doubt speak is coming.
We're waiting for the instruction huts off strangers, strangers being those who are not members of parliament speakers possession, which is a feature of daily life in the Palace of Westminster on Sir Lindsay Hoyle, those very popular choice as speaker of the House of Commons, respected on all sides a za a person of integrity.
Andi has Bean warmly welcomed back into the speaker's chair after the election, making his way on his passage being announced in advance into the members lobby off the House of Commons, where the members gather, pick up the messages and see Lindsay acknowledging lots of those who are lightning.
The numbers lobby Winston Churchill.
There the statue on the left and for me, far more important, David Lloyd George on the right on site.
And I'm not taking any complaints.
Reviewers on that.
Just say that inside the chamber.
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Queen arrives at Westminster - BBC News

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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