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This area is Masha Rim.
It's one of the big ultra Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem.
The ultra Orthodox community make up around 12% of Israel's population, but their accounting for a far greater proportion of Corona virus cases.
We spoke to some of the major hospitals in Israel who told us that off the virus patients they are treating between 30 and 50% come from the ultra religious communities.
Sometimes it's hard because they want to talk with their rabbis, and we have Teoh wait for an answer to know what what's the next step?
But they worked in our community, wants to know more and wants to help with the disease.
For people here, religious study prayer gatherings are really a way of life.
But so too often is a deep distrust off outside authority of the state itself.
It's really the word of rabbis that cuts through rather than politicians.
These are some of the most densely crowded neighborhoods in Israel.
People often live in very, very big families.
People for religious reasons won't necessarily have televisions or radio or access to the Internet.
And so for that that reason it's been much harder for the authorities for the states to get its message across very hard for us, because normally in this city, always together, we're trying to do the best, even if it's much harder than other places.
There's long been tension between some secular on religiously conservative Israelis, and all that has been exacerbated over these last weeks.
Much of the risk from the virus for residents here is attitude by levels of poverty, on being in big families, where it is hard to distance, Israel's prime minister says.
There has been a very positive change, and social distancing is now happening.
There's a lot of changes, a lot of changes people like understand how dangerous the situation.
The rabbis stopped from all the synagogues to be open.
No weddings, even bomb.
It's us people didn't celebrate the bomb.
It's with.
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Coronavirus: Israel’s ultra-Orthodox lockdown challenge - BBC News

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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