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  • What's up Attackers! Welcome to your Friday edition of the Daily XP, bringing you to the

  • latest and greatest in the world of gaming. I am your host, drunk Kirk, and on today's

  • show we bring to you the new call of duty stupid ass trailer that no one should care

  • about because the trailer from 3 years ago is pretty much the same thing except now it

  • has Kevin Spacy in it, CCP Giving up on Dust 514 and Defiance going free to play.. Your

  • daily XP starts now!

  • Call of duty had announced a super special announcement to be revealed on Sunday, I think

  • it was, and of course, it was revealed early, because you'd think they would just upload

  • the video on Sunday, but not, it was uploaded early and someone found out about it. Anyways,

  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare made its debut, it include exoskeletons that enhance our soldier's

  • natural abilities, cloaking, which of course allows you to turn invisible, because that's

  • something from the future, drones and bots, which we've seen before, and wall-crawling,

  • which is a direct copy from Titanfall. There is also Hoverbikes, so that should get your

  • all excited in the pantal region. Watch the trailer for more.

  • The developers of EVE Online, CCP Games, today revealed a brand new MMOFPS game based on

  • the EVE universe, but wait, don't we already have one of those? Last year CCP Games released

  • the PlayStation 3 exclusive DUST 514 but despite promising a roadmap that featured 5 years

  • worth of DLC expansions and 20 years of "crazy ideas", they've already announced another

  • similar title, Project Legion.

  • The announcement took place in Finland at this years Fanfest event and was greeted with

  • a positive reception by those in attendance but sadly the DUST 514 community sees things

  • slightly differently, and it's not hard to understand why.

  • Dust is going strong. Dust is going really well. Dust is a product we're really proud

  • of, and that's not about to change. Again, in six months or a year it's difficult to

  • say today, and Legion is very much in a prototype phase, so let's not put the cart before the

  • horse...

  • With many players expecting DUST 514 to have a long and healthy lifespan, mainly due to

  • EVE Online's massive dominance over the last decade, it's surprising to see CCP Games announce

  • Project Legion, a game that embodies many of the elements that were originally meant

  • to ensure the success of DUST 514. What are your thoughts? Leave them below.

  • Lastly, Defiance is going to be joining the free to play market. The game, based on the

  • science fiction TV series will be transitioning come this June, according to an article published

  • on Polygon. June 4th is the date that was revealed for PC players, and July 15th for

  • PS3 players. The Xbox 360 version is still "pending". Trion Worlds has a live-stream,

  • going on right now actually, which showcases some of the changes and features in the free

  • to play transition. You could watch that, or watch me finish the show, either way, I

  • wont' be offended.

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  • and Twitter for general randomness! Have a great day, and we'll see you guys again tomorrow!

What's up Attackers! Welcome to your Friday edition of the Daily XP, bringing you to the

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News: CoD Advanced Warfare, Project Legion, Defiance Free to Play and more! | The Daily XP May 2nd

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