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  • Cove in 19 has brought Yemen's health system to a complete collapse.

  • That's according to the medical charity Doctors Without Borders.

  • The real numbers of dead there are almost impossible to determine.

  • With low levels of testing and some authorities suppressing the true death toll.

  • Yemen was already facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis after a conflict which started more than five years ago with Houthi rebels backed by Iran fighting Yemen's government, which is backed by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and supported by the US and the UK Our chief international correspondent leads dissent, has this report.

  • In a nation scarred by war, a new landscape of loss the dead, taking more space from the living as a graveyard grows in southern Yemen.

  • No one knows how many are dying of covert 19 but with every day more Yemenis.

  • No, this this pain of life and death in the time of the virus and doctors see the worst doctors.

  • Oel Saudi works in an intensive care unit in the southern city of Aden.

  • She's just finished her night shift.

  • The health situation in India is very bad.

  • The people die in hospital that people die in ambulance were they waiting for MBT?

  • People die.

  • Help!

  • We can do anything for them.

  • They're just suffering on dot There's little dignity in this death and great disquiet.

  • Here in northern Yemen, the Houthi authorities try to hide how many die from the virus.

  • So some bury the dead in the dead of night men dressed in white, fearing for their own lives.

  • But someone at this graveside sent us these images.

  • So his friend Usery isn't forgotten.

  • A young dentist said to be killed by Cove it 19.

  • His father died two days before him.

  • His wife fell ill.

  • We need people.

  • Didn't even need a hand.

  • We've heard so many stories.

  • A doctor in northern Yemen tells me he stopped going to work at the Health Ministry.

  • It's too dangerous, he says.

  • The Houthi authorities say that the situation is under control now.

  • Is that true?

  • From every probably thrown.

  • Very, very three.

  • The one or two I I don't know if anyone has seen this deadly virus is moving undetected across the country, twisted in to buy a long war.

  • And all the old pestilence, including cholera.

  • Yemen's health system has all but collapsed testing for Corbett 19 among the lowest in the world.

  • Across this country, doctors tell us their beds are full.

  • They don't know where to put the sick and dying.

  • And there's so little specialist care doctors like higher oil Moussa doing whatever they can a bit of despair that I cant We cant do more for the patients here.

  • And I guess you know we try.

  • We try our hardest with what we have and you know, for each day the sun still lives.

  • So we do what we can.

  • But it's hard.

  • It's really on the disease itself.

  • ISS ravaging through lives Yemenis have so few defences and last week a U.

  • N appeal for life saving funds fell far short in a world of cove it 19.

Cove in 19 has brought Yemen's health system to a complete collapse.

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