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Cove in 19 has brought Yemen's health system to a complete collapse.
That's according to the medical charity Doctors Without Borders.
The real numbers of dead there are almost impossible to determine.
With low levels of testing and some authorities suppressing the true death toll.
Yemen was already facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis after a conflict which started more than five years ago with Houthi rebels backed by Iran fighting Yemen's government, which is backed by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and supported by the US and the UK Our chief international correspondent leads dissent, has this report.
In a nation scarred by war, a new landscape of loss the dead, taking more space from the living as a graveyard grows in southern Yemen.
No one knows how many are dying of covert 19 but with every day more Yemenis.
No, this this pain of life and death in the time of the virus and doctors see the worst doctors.
Oel Saudi works in an intensive care unit in the southern city of Aden.
She's just finished her night shift.
The health situation in India is very bad.
The people die in hospital that people die in ambulance were they waiting for MBT?
People die.
We can do anything for them.
They're just suffering on dot There's little dignity in this death and great disquiet.
Here in northern Yemen, the Houthi authorities try to hide how many die from the virus.
So some bury the dead in the dead of night men dressed in white, fearing for their own lives.
But someone at this graveside sent us these images.
So his friend Usery isn't forgotten.
A young dentist said to be killed by Cove it 19.
His father died two days before him.
His wife fell ill.
We need people.
Didn't even need a hand.
We've heard so many stories.
A doctor in northern Yemen tells me he stopped going to work at the Health Ministry.
It's too dangerous, he says.
The Houthi authorities say that the situation is under control now.
Is that true?
From every probably thrown.
Very, very three.
The one or two I I don't know if anyone has seen this deadly virus is moving undetected across the country, twisted in to buy a long war.
And all the old pestilence, including cholera.
Yemen's health system has all but collapsed testing for Corbett 19 among the lowest in the world.
Across this country, doctors tell us their beds are full.
They don't know where to put the sick and dying.
And there's so little specialist care doctors like higher oil Moussa doing whatever they can a bit of despair that I cant We cant do more for the patients here.
And I guess you know we try.
We try our hardest with what we have and you know, for each day the sun still lives.
So we do what we can.
But it's hard.
It's really on the disease itself.
ISS ravaging through lives Yemenis have so few defences and last week a U.
N appeal for life saving funds fell far short in a world of cove it 19.
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Yemen ravaged by coronavirus — intensifying world’s worst humanitarian crisis - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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