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This is Kalma refugee camp, home to nearly 200,000 or forties.
After 20 years of conflict, the camp has become a city, and two million people across the region have been displaced.
We are one off the first international journalists to travel freely here.
In a decade.
The world's attention may have shifted, but the memories of the conflict are still fresh here.
Elias was 19 when he fled his burning home in the morning.
He teaches, and in the afternoon he cuts hair to earn a bit of extra cash.
And I'm still working.
So I had me a bit about it.
No doubt will it mean?
I mean, I've never start a company.
Someone home model attended someone, God forbid what you got that I got the boys stick it out.
The next generation off their forties are growing up in these camps.
Older Children study in temporary classrooms.
Their parents are too scared to return to their homes.
The government off sedan wants these people to go back to their areas.
It says it's safe enough.
There's a peace process ongoing.
People here have told me more than once that it's very difficult for them to move back to their homes when there is no security.
The conflict in therefore began in 2000 and three, when ethnic African rebels took up arms against Ahmed al Bashir's out of dominated government.
But she responded by arming local militias known as the jungle weed.
They burned villages and killed anyone that got in their way.
Local shares say their lands are still occupied by settlers brought in from neighboring countries.
For them, putting Bashir on trial is not enough.
Somehow Medea Hair is telling me that although they had beena shifting Khartoum, the people who were overseeing the genocide and the ethnic cleansing are at the helm off power in this country.
On that, the new prime minister, although his visited the government controlled area, he hasn't come to visit people who are affected.
Like the people here in Kalma, peacekeepers patrolled the lanes of Kalma, but not for long.
In November, the U.
N withdrew most of its troops from South, therefore leaving just 200 to patrol an area the size of England.
They plan to pull out completely within a year.
This U N base was meant to be transformed into a new University campus.
As the last of the peacekeepers left, the base was looted while government troops watched the suffering in.
Therefore was a central rallying cry off the protesters during the five month revolution that ousted Bashir lost April.
But these words echo as faras.
Therefore, this'll attack at the end of last year suggests not 50 people were killed.
I'm 40,000 were displaced when the camp was burned.
As long as attacks like these go unpunished, there will be no peace.
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The ongoing struggle for peace in Darfur - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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