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because of economic pressures because of the threat to many people's health.
And in many other ways, this pandemic has, of course, changed.
Many, Many aspects of everyone's lives were gonna look now at how it's affected women in particular.
This article in The Guardian has gone as far as to declare the pandemic is destroying women's rights.
And whilst that might be an extreme way of describing it, there's an increasingly increasing body of evidence supporting the idea that as a group, women are being particularly adversely affected.
First, there's domestic violence.
The U.
N has called the increase in domestic violence globally the shadow pandemic, it says.
Across the world, domestic violence, helplines and shelters are reporting rising calls for help.
Professionally, women seem to be a disadvantage to this article in the science journal Nature says preliminary data suggest that across disciplines, women's publishing rate has fallen relative to men's amid the pandemic.
Whilst analysis of households with two opposite gender parents from the Institute of Fiscal Studies in the UK has suggested that compared to fathers, mothers are more likely to have quit or lost their job or to have bean furloughed.
They're also spending less time on paid work but more time on household responsibilities.
A separate study from the University of Sheffield found that the proportion of mothers responsible for most of the families childcare increased from 27% 2 45% during locked down medically to there's some issues that affect women disproportionately.
For example, women across Europe are being denied abortions because of the pandemic.
World Health Organization classifies abortion as essential health care.
But the BBC has found hospitals that have stopped performing the procedure during the pandemic, and the BBC's Gene Mackenzie has been looking at that issue.
As the pandemic hit, hospitals across the world have been forced to suspend non emergency surgeries, but in Romania, nearly all of them stopped abortions.
This is a phone call, made toe a hospital last month.
I think at the height of the crisis, only 11 out of the 280 hospitals in Romania were offering the procedure.
They're trying to use the pandemic as an excuse.
Lots of free me, and especially the ones that are coming from vulnerable, but bedrooms that are living in poverty without access on abortion.
This is how desperate this situation is, My boyfriend tricked me.
He pretended he was using a condom.
I can't afford to have a child.
Daria couldn't find a single doctor to give her an abortion, So I was recommended.
Someone was retired who said that I could have an abortion at their home.
I went to their apartment.
They had this special room and the bed.
I was very afraid it was done using a vacuum, which I wasn't expecting.
It's a similar story in countries across Europe.
We've spoken to women in Italy, Croatia and Poland have all been unable to get treatment in these countries.
It was ready, difficult for women to get an abortion on.
This crisis has just put more obstacles in their way.
There are few clinics offering the procedure now, and of course, women have been unable to travel to seek alternatives.
In Slovakia, where they've been recent attempts to restrict abortion, politicians have warned women against having the procedure very important.
People in healthcare system is Slovakia said that this is not acute virgin medicine and that this is not the right time for women to undergo abortion.
How do you respond to that as a clinician?
This is not true from the medical point of view.
Are you recommending women not to have abortions during this time?
No, not at all.
I just say it's too dangerous from epidemic Oleg, Point of view And you conveyed off course you conveyed.
I didn't say Don't go for it.
Human rights organisations are now urging all governments in Europe to make sure abortions are safely available.
Daria is still worrying about her Backstreet procedure.
I'm still bleeding.
I don't think I'm badly injured, but I'm worried there might be something wrong.
And there's concern that in some places access to abortion may never return toe what it waas before this pandemic.
Gee Mackenzie BBC News.
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Coronavirus: the impact of Covid-19 on women - BBC News

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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