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staggering to safety.
Scared, starving and stateless after months stranded at sea.
Ginger refugees including unaccompanied Children back onshore after the boat they boarded to Malaysia was turned away for fear they bring Corona virus to the country.
What the rescued by the Bangladesh Coast Guard.
The hundreds who survived tell the tale of the dozens who didn't forced to drink sea water to stay alive, beaten by the smugglers who promised them a new life.
My witnesses say the bodies of those who didn't make it were thrown into the sea.
Mohammed made the perilous journey after borrowing money to pay a smuggler.
I couldn't find work in the refugee camps, he said.
The boat was cramped, we were hungry and I fell sick.
When we got to Malaysia, we were turned away twice.
Now I feel unlucky and sad.
Those who rescued a now in quarantine their future's uncertain way were in the sea.
We were asking the boat men if they could take us to Malaysia or Thailand or other places, but they were refusing, this survivor said.
It's believed hundreds more refugees a trapped on boats, which were also turned away from Malaysia.
I asked the Bangladeshi foreign minister about reports that the country wouldn't accept them if they returned.
Will you turn the boats away then?
It's a difficult question because we don't want to see people are dying.
It's not the responsibility of Bangladesh alone to take care of all the stateless people of the planet.
That's the global leaders.
Like USA UK European Union.
The Ranger refugees fled persecution from Myanmar over two years ago.
Now they're trying to escape destitution in the refugee camps in Bangladesh.
But who will help them now?
What are your fears if no one takes these people in?
Our fear is very much that we'll have tremendous loss of life, women and Children and innocence in the high seas, perishing with no hope on that would be a disaster.
Is the world shuts.
It's borders because of Corona virus.
The Ranger refugees hope the world doesn't shut its eyes to their plight.
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coronavirus: Rohingya refugees stranded at Sea - BBC News

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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