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- It is a little weird,
now that I'm doing it in front of people.
I'm usually alone when I eat this.
- Hi I'm Rie.
- And I'm Andrew.
- And today we are swapping snacks.
(jazzy music)
I'm a little worried.
- Why're you worried?
- I dunno.
- I have very good taste in food.
- Okay so I don't need to worry about it.
- No you should be very worried.
- Three, two, one.
(classical music)
I brought (speaking in foreign language).
Which is a cookie, this is super old school snack.
I dunno when they started,
like as long as I remember.
Usually grandma has it in her house.
- What's the flavor like?
- So it's like thin crepe, and it's crunchy.
But covered with chocolate.
And it said excellento crepe, excellent crepe.
- Looks good.
- Thank you.
What I see it's a baking chocolate chips?
- Semisweet chocolate morsels.
Usually used for baking.
And I think it's a great snack,
because it's a smaller bite.
You know it's basically like a mini chocolate kiss.
You can eat a lot of them, or just a couple.
It's usually really good chocolate.
Like I think this is very good chocolate.
It's just like a nice taste of chocolate
whenever you want it.
- Okay, so let's swap.
- Sure.
- I know exactly what this tastes like.
Well I know this is good, I have had it before.
Does it has to be semisweet?
- I think semisweet is a good balance.
Oh this one's actually kind of coated
in like a chocolate cream.
I didn't really realize that from the outside.
- It's good right?
- I dunno if you can see that
but it's almost like a Kit Kat, but even lighter.
This is good.
- I wanna try mine.
- Yeah, I wanna try mine.
- Mmm.
- Is it bringing you back to childhood?
- Yeah.
- To grandma's house?
- Yeah, memory of grandma.
I think I like mine better.
- That's okay, I think I like mine better.
- Mine's more complicated though.
- What are you talking about more complicated?
- Like this is straight up chocolate.
- Yeah.
- Will you swap my snack and your snack?
'Cause I won't.
- I won't swap, no. - I like mine.
- I would rather have this.
Are you sure you don't want some more?
- Well I want some but--
- Oh, you already swapped snacks.
- [Both] Next snack.
- To swap, or not swap.
- Okay, three, two, one.
(upbeat music)
I feel like your snack there is no surprise.
- I was showing somebody else my snacks
and they said that it was old man snacks.
- I was gonna say, I feel like you are old man
trapped in young man's body.
- It'll be an easy transition to the old man body then.
Do you know what kind of orange it is?
- Isn't it dekopon?
In Japanese I think it's called dekopon.
- They call it sumo in the grocery store.
- Is it because look like a sumo wrestler?
- I think so.
It's kind of like a bloated orange.
And it always has this little mound up there
so if that was like the sumo wrestler's head,
this is his body.
And in general I tend to buy fruit every Saturday.
And then that's a common snack I have.
And right now, this is the hot fruit to have.
What's your snack?
- Can you guess just looking at this picture?
- [Andrew] Honey pretzels, or garlic hot dogs.
- Neither.
So this called (speaking in foreign language).
I'm also like old lady.
This is kind of like grandma's favorite food.
So we both like old folks.
- Yeah, refined taste you know.
- Yeah, this is like fried dough,
and it's soaked with syrup.
- And is this like nuts?
- Yeah, it's peanut.
- Nut chunks, oh okay peanut.
So it's like a sweet Cheez Doodle.
- Let's swap then.
- Okay, sure.
Oh this one has easy open.
- [Rie] Yeah, this doesn't have easy open.
- What are you talking about?
Fruit is the only pre packaged food made in nature.
- That's true, it's like eco friendly.
- That orange smells good.
It smells like honey roasted nuts.
Like a can of beer nuts.
What do I call this?
(speaking in foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
- Yeah.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Mmm. - Mmm.
This is really very much like a honey roasted nut Doodle.
- I like this, this is juicy.
Sometime it's like citrus is hit or miss,
but this it's like has a nice kick.
Sweet and sour, and this is what exactly
you want for orange.
- This would be an excellent pairing with beer.
I like it a lot.
- Nice. - I might swap you for this.
- Yeah, me too. - Really?
- Mhm, ready?
- One, two, three.
(upbeat music)
- I like how yours is, what you see is what you gonna eat.
- Yeah this is probably the most regular
of all of my snacks.
But this one also has a slight modification
which is this hot sauce.
- [Rie] Oh is it special?
- This is actually very accurate
to what I do in my regular snacking practice at home.
Where I often have tortilla chips but no salsa.
And so I end up just sitting and eating
single chips where I like, drop hot sauce
on each one and eat it.
Now this is the most lazy my snacking gets.
I think I eat this one,
not when I'm hungry but when I'm bored
and I want something taste exciting in my mouth.
- Kuchi Sabishii, is your mouth is lonely.
So even you're not hungry but you want to eat something.
- That is amazing.
I got lonely mouth often.
But these particular tortillas
are very thick which I like.
What's your snack?
- This style of cookie it's my favorite.
So it's kinda like buttery cookie, and rum raisin.
- Do you like raisins?
- I do. - I do too.
- Yeah, okay. - Old people like raisins.
Okay, you ready?
- Yeah.
- The cookie does look very buttery.
I like that kind of, like shortbread.
- Do you have any instructions?
- I would just do like, one drop of hot sauce per chip.
I usually like start with a drop and then
I'll ramp up until it's just unbearably spicy.
It's this particular hot sauce too that's habanero.
- Yeah.
So just like, drop.
Like that.
- Yeah.
I guess I usually do it where the hot sauce
hits my tongue first, like I'll flip it over.
- Okay.
- I dunno why.
Whole chip.
Everything in Japan is packaged
to the maximum number of layers.
Oh interesting.
(shaking cookie)
- Why do you shake it?
- Why is it rattling?
The raisins are miniature and dried inside.
Smells good though.
- Oh my god.
You're losing all the raisins.
- I'm tasting the butter part.
It's close to what an Oreo filling is like,
but a little more buttery.
And it's got the kind of dried raisins
that raisin cereal has, which I kind of like.
I bet this would be great dipped into milk maybe.
You don't see a lot of raisin desserts in America.
- Why do you think people don't like raisins?
- I think it's usually when it's in something
and they think it's gonna be chocolate,
but it turns out to be a raisin.
- Oh yeah, that happens to cookies a lot.
- I get the disappointment, but I think raisins are good.
They do an important job.
- You wanna try yours?
- Yeah, let's try mine.
- Ohh.
- It is a little weird,
now that I'm doing it in front of people.
I'm usually alone when I eat this.
- So we are not gonna swap?
- Nope, I'm keeping mine, I like it.
- Okay, me too. - I like it too.
- Okay, final snack. - Final snack.
It seems like both of us got something big.
Three, two, one.
It's a bread, and peanut butter and pickles?
- Exactly.
I'm gonna make for you a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.
- With pickle?
I cannot imagine the flavor.
- How do you feel about pickles in general?
- I like pickles. - Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Together they make something even more wonderful.
- Okay, I don't say I'm excited.
I'm interested.
So this is mochi.
When I say mochi maybe like you guys think
it's mochi ice cream it's the most popular.
When I hear mochi I immediately think this kind of mochi.
We made mochi from scratch, was very soft.
But we air dry it, and it's become very hard.
It's like a soap.
- Oh my god, it is like soap.
Like you could just put this in the shower of a hotel.
I'd probably be in there like okay.
- When you heat it up again it will become softer.
And since it's dried outside is a little bit crunchy.
And most common way I think to eat mochi
it's wrapped with seaweed, sugar, and soy sauce.
- My sandwich is actually best
when the bread is hot and toasted,
so maybe we'll toast our ingredients together
and then finish them?
- Yeah, that's fun.
- Okay. - All right, let's do it.
- Let's do it.
- So we got oven toaster.
(tinfoil crinkling)
- I'm cutting my pickle into, kind of like a match stick.
Mine is getting to the point where
I would probably pull it out for fear of burning.
Oh wow it's moving.
The mochi.
Oh, it's deflated.
- [Rie] Yeah I think mine's ready too.
Ooh, yes.
All right, let take it out.
- All right, let's shut this off.
(timer dings)
Let's assemble.
I've got a bunch of peanut butter on a slice of toast.
- I got mochi and nori.
- I'm actually gonna use some of my hot sauce from earlier,
just like a little here and there kinda action.
And then, I'm borrowing your chop sticks.
I don't think I'll need all of these,
and also some of these are maybe too big, so--
- [Rie] Whoa, it's a lot of pickles.
- Yeah, it's a lot of pickles, you know.
- [Rie] That's fine.
- [Andrew] It's a two ingredient sandwich.
- Mine it's soy sauce, sugar.
You gonna just go for like those cross section
of sugar and soy sauce, and eat it.
- I think my bread got a little bit too toasted,
so it's a little dry.
- Okay.
- Ooh wow.
It's like marshmallow.
(horn music)
That's good?
- Mhm.
- And then I eat it. - Yes.
- Mmm, mmm.
- Nice mochi ball.
- It's very good.
It's very surprising.
Because I've only ever had mochi like a dessert,
which this is sweet, but also with soy sauce
and the nori it's very good.
Mochi is just made from rice.
This isn't that different from eating
a rice ball that's wrapped with seaweed.
And this is just like a sweet and salty dip.
- Yeah.
- It's delicious. - Good.
- I like it a lot.
- All right, shall we do this?
- Yeah. - Okay.
This is actually not bad.
- Yeah, really?
- Mhm, it's surprisingly good.
- So, the way that I kind of came around
about thinking about this was if you've ever had
a noodle dish that has a peanut sauce,
like dan dan noodle, often the topping is sliced cucumber.
So that's kind of how I rationalized the combination.
- When you eat pickle by itself,
it's kind of like sour and a little bit overwhelming.
Peanut butter fatness kinda cuts the sourness.
- Exactly, yeah.
You're the person in the office
whose food taste I trust the most.
- Mm, thank you.
- And so many people have told me I'm crazy
for eating peanut butter and pickle, but now look.
Rie likes it.
- I like it.
- So what do you gotta say to that?
- I didn't think I would like it.
- It's good right? - It's good.
- This is like a savory s'more.
- So, Andrew, do you swap snacks?
- I would happily swap this. - Me too.
- This is an extra special treat for me.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, I liked it a lot.
- When I saw the ingredients itself
I thought you know you're crazy.
And I was like do I have to eat it?
But I'm glad you did.
- Wow, biggest compliment ever.
- Yay, was good.
- Everything can be a snack if you're not eating it
at one of the normal meal times I guess.
- I would happily swap snack with you.
- I would swap snacks with you.
This was great.
- It's a great discovery.
- [Man] Oh, yes.
(classical music)
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Tasty Producers Swap Their Favorite Snacks • Rie & Andrew • Tasty

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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