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follow my finger with your eyes.
Don't pick me up.
I'm getting flashbacks sometimes.
Sometimes it's fine.
A little whiskey.
A little box.
You look at this face, everyone intimidating e got you.
Learn that on.
Like while you're copper, You are talking way too much.
Was drunk.
I'm Jim.
Where does former law enforcement?
12 years Today.
I'm gonna try and figure out who's drunk.
Come down here for sure.
You do drink radio?
That's okay.
Yeah, I do too, When I'm off work.
Makes sense.
What you drink of choice?
A little whiskey Lavaka.
That's what The mixed?
No, no.
Everything depends on what day of the week it is.
Whether you make summer night Monday, you mix Friday makes the rest of time, you know, it makes sense.
So how did you get to work today?
I drove.
Yeah, And you're driving home.
You sure?
How far away do you live?
About 17 miles.
O kind of our.
That's quite the track.
All right.
Thank you for your cooperation, Blake.
How about you?
Making you nervous.
I mean it.
No more than any other interrogation.
I think this is an interview.
Not in it.
And you?
Would you like an interrogation?
That sound?
I don't know the difference.
Well, one is me being nice cop on the others, being bad cop, you know, it might be good for the video.
Yeah, well, it's really not my nature of kind of a I'm officer friendly most of the time.
So unless I need to not be do I need to not be?
I mean, I think you got a pretty good crowd over here.
Think everybody's cool.
You look at this face, everyone intimidating.
Yeah, I got you.
Did you learn that?
I'm, like, why you work up?
You are talking way too much.
You realize that, right?
I've never been interrogated by a cop before.
I haven't been able to.
It is you're talking more than I am.
How am I supposed to interrogate or even interview if you're talking more than I use my bad Europe?
I'm done.
Thanks, man.
Come on down here for me, please.
I got this.
You've done this before?
Not just getting practice, okay?
Just waiting to be ready for next time up.
Why do they call you scar?
Well, you see my face because of the scar on your face.
Was drunk.
Five yet.
So it's on me.
What's your drink of choice?
We'll get some vitamin water right now.
You know what I do?
Make some good pruno, by the way.
No, you do it.
Where'd you learn that?
Um, use potatoes.
Was in the Boy Scouts.
Okay, get your pruno badge, the use potatoes.
But he's gonna have a kick speed up the process.
Sugar should get lots of slides of sugar.
Okay, You blink.
I always bring It's how I keep my eyes moist.
All right.
Come on down.
Oh, yes.
We'll save the best for last.
What's your drink of choice When you, uh, partake sometimes tequila.
Sometimes it's wine.
Kind of depends on the night kind of night.
Was it today today?
So not yet.
Only she only drink at night.
Yeah, otherwise I'd be drinking at work.
Do we favour?
Stand right over there for me.
And face may put your feet together, heels and toes and senator side.
You see my finger.
I want you to focus on my finger right here.
I want you to follow with your eyes in your eyes only.
Don't move your head.
Do we favour be John, Touch the tip of my finger.
That's where I want you to watch.
There's three acceptable tests in law enforcement for deciding if for at least administering these tests to determine if somebody's in compared or not.
It's the one leg stand, the walk in turn and nystagmus test.
You could smile, and the best part about this is you're not getting arrested.
You could smile, smile.
You want to take you off of my back?
No, I'm just kidding.
I stand right over there.
It's Spencer.
Same thing for it.
Please heels and toes together.
Really jarring fields.
We're not doing the whole field sobriety test.
We're not.
I'm just just looking at your eyes by looking at a person's eyes and having them fall my finger on.
The more you drink, the higher your B a.
C, the more pronounced that nystagmus is, and I say this is the involuntary jerking of your eyes.
The motion, Um, so when following my finger, when I take the I alway out to the edge on both sides, that's when you can see it you don't.
I I stepped away.
I didn't ask you to look at you thinking you're controlling things.
They're all like, Yeah.
How'd you get to work today?
Are you getting home driving?
I'm sure you need what we taser Blake Blake again?
You've done this?
Not just kidding.
Yeah, you have a cop friend.
He's done it in a bar.
Uh, no.
It was a real cop doing it to me, but it was like I think he just decided pretty quickly I wasn't.
That's good.
Yeah, It was, like, the first thing I already know whether these two are not so it's just now it's just a process of elimination, right?
You get itself.
And I'm not even doing this on the full way now, just so can you do me a favor?
Got what?
You put your feet together like that.
Hands Daddy side.
Okay, don't start yet, okay?
Not until I tell you to.
When I ask you to, I'm gonna have you lift your foot.
Whichever one you want, OK?
About six inches off the ground at the height of a coke can point your toe, stare, trato and count.
12 2003 1000 4 1005 and so on.
It's a time to maneuver.
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you when to stop.
It's not It's not.
It's not a pass fail thing.
That's just an observation.
You understand?
How high do account?
So I tell you.
You ready?
You may begin.
12345 4006 with seven windows.
8 901,010 Okay, that's good.
Back out there, Scar.
Step on up, huh?
You know what happens to the best of us?
It does have been.
Today has been a long day.
Yeah, me too.
For the happy.
Are you sure you haven't started already?
Oh, you're not sure?
I can't afford a way.
Do me a favor.
Follow my finger with your eyes.
Your eyes only.
Don't flick me off.
I won't.
That will do that.
All right, do a favor.
Take, take, take about two steps back.
Not right there.
I I want you take your left leg.
Put it in front of right foot.
Just like that.
Computing flashbacks which put your hand sanitizer side.
When I tell you to begin, I'm gonna have you take eight steps.
Heel to toe.
Make sure your heel touches your toe.
Keeping your hands and inter site.
You're gonna count your steps out loud.
123 All the way up to eight.
And then you're gonna turn around.
I'm not a good bath.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's pretty simple.
Just make sure, you know, hear your feet.
Only this big.
All right.
You may begin to 23 All right.
Andi, even the pure.
Away at the end.
All right.
I think I've seen enough.
And, uh, I'm gonna go ahead and say that Spencer has been drinking today and the drink person stepped forward.
Giggling now?
You could be relaxing.
Ah, yes.
I've been drinking in my desk for, like, the last 30 minutes.
No, no.
What, did you drink it?
You know it was mine.
Oh, I know.
Really hard thing to chug.
Yeah, Yeah.
How much do you think you had?
Your eyes are showing it.
I'm sure.
Your eyes Are you sure?
I did a dry January.
So this is the first time I've drink in a month.
Still the 31st I know.
Well, I made an exception for today.
Today is a celebration, and one was a good choice because it didn't smell any alcohol.
So great.
I also had a mint and beverage since the wine masking.
We tried yet Well, you did.
You did well that way.
The eyes of the definitely the windows to the soul.
So they gave you away.
Well, thanks for your participation.
So, obviously it's Ah, it's a little easier to tell if see somebody's been drinking as opposed.
Teoh, get high.
Um, And again the eyes tell everything.
Eyes are the windows to the soul, but I was able to redeem myself on this one.
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Retired Police Officer Guesses Who's Drunk Out Of A Lineup

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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