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in modern times, the questionable Lindsay's of the Circus are all but dead and good riddance because the world doesn't need any more clown.
Yet in its heyday, few performances could top the trap.
He's mastery of the flying Graysons well and ill.
A mobster cut their cord on life Short literally.
But they had a son, Young, yet just as talented as them.
Orphaned and alone all seemed hopeless for Dick Grace until he scored the coolest Buster Dad in the frickin universe, the goddamn Batman.
And under the Caped Crusader, Dick wasn't just a son.
He was a sidekick, A superhero.
He was Robin until he wasn't you got not the man.
Robin spent many, many years kicking bad guys around the back alleys of Gotham City with his new death.
Who could forget the time he crushed Blockbuster under a truck or when he whipped out that shark repellent never leave home without it, kids.
But then Batman suddenly realized You know what bringing kids into battle is actually a bad idea.
So he fired him and then promptly forgot this little revelation.
Only time to update the resume.
Bed man.
Probably for the best, though I mean, come on.
The kid didn't even have a proper pair of pants.
What's your problem, Birds.
So mouth on this one.
Actually, it was for the best, though not in the way Batman hoped.
Inspired by a story of an ancient Kryptonian superhero, Dick took to the streets by himself with a brand new uniforms and a brand new name.
From then on, he would be known as Nightwing.
I gotta hand in Tibet, he, sir, nose out of Boulder Kid into a criminal Chris ing machine with expertise in taekwondo, ninjutsu, taquito and a bunch of other styles.
Nightwing is one of the finest martial artists in comic book history, no doubt helped by his world class acrobatic skills.
He is one of only three people on earth were capable of performing a quadruple flips, and between the fancy schooling, he got it.
Hudson you and being a founding member of the teen titans, he's got brains and brun bless a whole lot of weapons.
Nightwing Suit is lightweight, bulletproof and makes virtually no sound when moving blue colors even turned black well in the dark.
His mask features a holographic U.
Y, complete with night vision and a spectral analyzed.
He's rocking utility belts on his wrists and ankles full of luck picks, smoke pellets and staples that are so strong they can support the weight of a fricking helicopter.
He also carries a re breather, grapple gun and wingding.
That weird alien fun with all the shape.
Oh, figure out your secret one day wing dings.
Secret code.
What secret code?
I mean, how the hell you supposed to rate it?
It's gotta be hiding something I don't know.
Like maybe don't get us Del Dorado or something.
You know, boys wonder what that plants problem is.
All right, Do you get your saying stuff and I'll get the beer?
This is perfect.
All right, come back next week as we cover Night one's opponent, Daredevil, and hopefully reveal the for gotten secrets of the wing dings.
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Nightwing Quadruple Flips into DEATH BATTLE

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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