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  • they're kind of nervous, but it's OK because I just see a bunch of money on this whole arena.

  • Thanks.

  • Toa honey Honey is a preschool that connects to your computer trouser.

  • When you shop online, Honey scans the Internet for discount.

  • That applies the biggest savings to your card automatically.

  • You worked on Amazon eBay, Newegg Razor practically everywhere you shop.

  • Talk about structuring, right, so make sure you join 24 Free had joined honey dot com slash db x.

  • That's joined honey dot com slash dp x.

  • All right time for the show.

  • No, only I am your host for this extravaganza and let me welcome you to.

  • In today's match, we have to roof jumping wall Kleiman Park.

  • Your bad ass is in one corner.

  • We have the assassin, the nobleman, the unpractical robe wearing it's your let's call him.

  • And in the other corner we have the sergeant in the air to the Persian thrown the time manipulator, just like the artist.

  • More stabbing problem.

  • Let's size up the competition at a glance.

  • They're both essentially normal humans, But with training comes great power skills and even the ability to run on walls, etc.

  • Along with his mad hops and wall runs, can also seemingly disappear into a crowd or a simple pile of a.

  • And that's just the beginning.

  • He also gets some style points for his assassination techniques, whether it be jumping from a roof, appearing from under allege who are popping out of cover, he'll be should've stab you dead.

  • Prints, on the other hand, isn't to pick on the whole stealth thing.

  • He's more of a run straight at you and decapitate you kind of guy.

  • His mad hops and acrobatics really, really help out in that department.

  • Dining arrows, jumping over spears and even evaded monsters.

  • It's all child's play to this speedier.

  • Now, along with their abilities, comes their deadly arsenals, etc.

  • Oh is basically a Nike.

  • When it comes to weapons, he's got it all swords, knives, poison darts, a crossbow, bombs and even hidden blades.

  • No meatballs, though, And to top it all off, he's got this magic apple.

  • So that's neat.

  • At Seo is basically a Swiss Army knife of murder.

  • Prince is a simpler man, though he rocks a scimitar that he uses with deadly precision.

  • Along with that, he's got the tagger of time which, if you couldn't guess, let him do some funky stuff with timers.

  • That means it's pretty much unacceptable for him to be late.

  • Anyway, I'm sure this pair will put up one hell of a fight.

  • So without further to let it's an apple A V, then now we stand a chance.

  • Who shiny?

  • I wonder what that's worth.

  • Full.

  • Get your own balls elsewhere.

  • Brief your mind.

  • Yeah, the average honey users say, is about $126 per year.

  • That's a lot of money touching.

  • It's gonna be raining cats and dogs and swords next week.

  • So vote for your favorite furry Brandon, our next exhibition before Friday on Historia buying a link in the description.

they're kind of nervous, but it's OK because I just see a bunch of money on this whole arena.

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