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Thank you very much.
Full postgame On the way with Kawai.
Johannes, Nurse Budenholzer.
It's all on the way here tonight on SportsCenter.
Only one guy in this entire game played more than 40 minutes.
It's the one guy Tim Legler wants to talk about.
John mentioned the prolific scoring Take me through Kawai Leonard tonight.
To me, this is the key stretch when he took over the game.
And I think this is the difference between a superstar that can score anywhere on the floor and some of limitations that the Milwaukee Bucks had offensively.
And we start with this right here.
This is the choir has gotten so good at being patient.
A lot of guys, you get this step and maybe you take it down here and there's going to be a lot of traffic.
And he doesn't like shooting the fadeaway going to his right.
He likes coming back left, so he stops resets.
Now he comes to the middle and right here, when you drive a guy back toward the rim, his weights going this way, it's just really difficult to plan and get enough momentum for a contest.
And you can see right here.
That's all the room Kawai needs.
This is his favorite shot on the floor.
About 13 feet.
Knocks it down.
Big stretch.
In the game, they were down three cuts with one right there.
Here's another one now, so he turns the corner right here, turns a corner on Middleton, and now you got back line.
Defenders have to make a decision.
Take a look at what happens with George Hill.
He's looking over at the honest and he's thinking to himself, Yanis isn't going to come off the strong side corner and give up that three.
Which means he has to come and help.
That's what he's thinking.
And as a result, this guy down here in the corner is going to be the recipient of this pass.
Great players jaw company.
He draws three on that play, then Fleet.
What a night!
He had seven threes helping out cause and then here to switch on again.
He's gonna just come in Dr Hard at Lopez, get him back and then separate for that step back.
Three again.
Critical stretch here to me, they go from down for toe up four in a three minute stretch.
Kawai letter took over the game shot making playmaking superstar has been doing it throughout the entire postseason.
You expect now these kind of results when the game's on the line at acquire letter.
All right, speaking of shot making superstars to the other team we expected from Kawai, and we got it from Yannis up until really, this Siri's began has been a little bit inconsistent.
What did you see him tonight?
Well, it's the greatest commitment.
I've seen any team have a one guide to de determined, not let him get any driving Lee.
And he's playing in a crowd.
And you see, now there's some awkward moments out of Yana Santa Coop.
Oh, when he plays into that crowd and this is what he has to address in the offseason, he's got to be better offensively.
Fall over the floor.
You see here, we can't get to the rim, so he ends up taking an awkward fade away.
Air ball.
Here's another situation.
He drives into a crowd he's not, doesn't have a tight enough handle on and not enough pass off the dribble throws that away.
He catches a deep on SEAQ amid as he spins that Paul should be in his left hand.
Instead, it's blocked because he tried to put his right.
And then this last one early transition.
The commitment for Toronto to sprint back ahead of him.
Turn wall him up.
He drives chest to chest of Marcus soldiers, five red jerseys literally around him.
He awkwardly fumbles the basketball, so you know this is their best player.
He might end up being the M V p of the league, and yet there is one glaring hole in his game.
And that's his inability to take over a score from anywhere on the floor as the best player for this team, the way that Kawai letter did.
And I think if they end up losing this Siri's, I think Janos onto the coop.
Oh, if you want to take it to the next level, what is really no answer for you?
You're gonna have to add a mid range game and an ability to score when the lane is loaded up against you.
Because he has really struggled with in this series.
He has been exposed for the first time all season long.
Game six Saturday night in Toronto.
Raptors win.
They go to the finals in front of home fans.
Kawai was an MBA Finals M v p.
In his early twenties.
What timing?
He could do it again and then hit Free agency could be quite the start of a summer for Kawai.
Thank you.
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Giannis' limitations hurt the Bucks in Game 5 loss to the Raptors - Tim Legler | SportsCenter

78 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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