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before she would take up her superhero mantle.
Carol was an Army brat raised by Joe Emery Danvers, inspired by her U.
Navy Dan Carroll joined the Air Force at 18 with the hopes of one day becoming an astronaut, Which sounds really cool except, you know, comic book outer space.
Is Huaihe more dangerous than riel ever space, which is already, you know, pretty friggin dangerous.
Don't take off your so you're not far off.
After becoming head of security at NASA, Carol was caught up in an alien struggle which resulted in an explosion of a device called the psych magnetron.
What is it now?
The psych magnetron was designed to bestow superhuman powers to the alien species known as the creek.
Caught close to the explosion, Carol seemed to be un effective but not twist.
Her mom was an alien Cree all along.
And so Carol's half free half human genetics refused and awakened, forging her into a superhero in the likes of which the world had never seen.
Too bad she didn't even know about it for months.
Yet she'd black out sometimes and then wake up to hear of a new blonde superhero.
Ladies saving the day.
It's like keeping your own secret identity a secret from yourself.
Eventually, she did figure it out and accepted her role as Miss Marvel.
Oh, yeah, she's at a bunch of names like that Warbird and Captain Whiz Bang Not not getting above that one until a certain crease superhero and close friend passed on upholding the legacy of her mentor.
She took up his heroic name, and so Carol became known as Captain Marvel.
Captain Marvel possesses incredible superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability.
She resists fatal poisons, has a notable healing factor and doesn't even need to eat or sleep for long periods of time.
She's got a ton of experience fighting with the Avengers, X men and the Spacefaring star jammers.
Oh, and shaking friggin fly.
And to top it off, she possesses incredible energy manipulation powers.
She can fire photon blast from her body alter matter at a molecular level and absorb enormous amounts of energy, which can augment her own power.
And when she absorbs enough energy, she busts out the big guns by transforming into her ultimate form and tough to your fire type.
Pokemon Binary thinks is weird.
Experiments done to her by the creepy crawly brewed aliens.
First against her human and three bits messed together and mention gets her jeans brooded to become a son person.
Fascinating, right?
I'd love to try my hand in it.
If only I had a subject to experiment with.
No, no, no, no, no.
Fuck Right off with I know you can't get any more reds, but it's not me.
I'll go digging in the closet, then.
But next week we will discuss Captain Marvel's opponent shows Sam.
Hell, do you keep in that closet?
You don't have to know.
I don't wanna.
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Captain Marvel Whiz Bangs into DEATH BATTLE!

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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