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it's hard to believe, but the Nintendo 64 is now 20 years old, and we've commemorated with a book, the video game Ball.
Best of Nintendo 64.
It's on sale now for just under 12 bucks, and it's a great stocking stuffer for that game or in your life.
So check it out by clicking the link in the description below way have been addicted to the newest Pokemon game.
I've already got more than 100 hours in it, and it's only bound for like a week and 1/2 of the time of this recording.
Jessica is playing it on the job right now, but one of the best parts of any new Pokemon game is discovering all of the new creatures.
So we're gonna give you the 10 best of Gen.
Savage saying I'm nervous.
Neck for school attacks.
Top 10 son and Number 10 thinks the sun and moons remix the lowland forms of first Gen monsters.
What was Old is new again hits a great feeling to rediscover bull picks as a nice type.
Er, Doug Trio rockin those three hairstyles going on here, but with geo dudes fully evolved form of Gholam we thought to ourselves.
Yeah, that's actually really cool.
No, it's not just because it's bearded.
Make Gerard the completion ist himself jealous, although that's definitely a plus.
It's mainly because we really like the whole magnetism theme going on.
This makes Gholam the Onley rock and electric type in the entire series.
Plus Golden kind of does.
You know, that whole obvious magnet looking thing on its back which doubles as a rail gun?
No, I am not kidding.
Escalating voice inflections number.
There is no denying that anything that gets a dragon typing automatically earns a bunch of cool points.
You cannot argue me on this Sun and moon bring us a newcomer in the dragon fighting hybrid Calm.
Oh, I think I'm pronouncing this bad boy or girl.
That's what you got is covered head to tail tip in armor, which grants it abilities like bulletproof for soundproof.
And hey, look, I'm a simple man.
If I can say that I've got a bulletproof dragon on my team, I think I'm playing Pokemon, right.
It's easy for a dragon to be cool, But if you're a bug type, I think most would agree that they don't exactly carry the same menace to them, if you will.
That all changed when I first encountered Galis.
This six foot creepy crawly is also a watertight, which is a huge help when it goes up against the fire types that would normally murdered in one hit.
And as soon as Melissa pods health drops below half, it gets to escape for free.
I'm no competitive Pokemon player, but I've got my suspicions that this thing is gonna do wonders for competitive teams.
Its design is great, The typing is interesting.
And dare I say it.
Melissa Pod is easily the coolest but type since cipher Back in the Red and Blue date.
All right, let's be really.
We all get the appeal behind Peek a choo and how ridiculously merchandise herbal that little rat is.
But he's also scooper overrated.
That's because right you is where it's act.
The A lowland form takes an already awesome creature and had psychic powers to it while surfing on its own tail.
I've had an a lowland right, you on my team for most of my place, and she's proven herself to be such an asset that I will not go anywhere without her as part of the group Number six.
Every time a Pokemon game comes out, everybody's got to know one thing.
Are you team, grass, water or fire?
I myself am a fire type fan through it, through and with the fully evolved in sinner, or I feel like I've got even more reasons to say So.
We've got a fire tat with dark typing and not fighting.
Typing for once like you would make the most sense wrestler fighting today, whenever best of all, hands down the number one reason to own an inn center or is foreign toe pelvic thrust fire at every enemy in center or is deadly.
It's also very uncomfortable for the other trainer.
Think about that.
Number five.
In the volcanoes of a Lola, you confined these little lizards called so Landon's you probably wouldn't think too much them until you see what they evolve into.
A poison fire velociraptor thinking called Selassie.
The instant I encountered one of these things, I wanted one for myself, but 62 levels and even a shiny encounter.
Later, I came to find out that male so land it's to not evolve at all on Lee the ever elusive females can become our number five Pokemon.
So was I salty after all that hope?
But now I can say I've got a fire breathing poison spewing sel Asil on my team.
Clever girl number five.
Well, I can appreciate pretty much all the yellow informs and sun and moon, but there was one that just made so much sense to us.
Given the lore of the original Pokemon and the Hawaiian based culture of a Lola, we absolutely love seeing merah wack reimagined as a fire ghost Tight fire for the obvious and awesome Hawaiian fire dancer influence and ghost because, as we all know, Cubans or the scope of their deceased mother is in Baba Baba block Merrill Act is the best alone form in all of sun and moon.
Fight me number three Now you might be under the impression that I chose Linton as my starter.
Given how I talk so highly about in center or but it was a ruse, I'm secretly on team rallied, baby and my grass.
Our family out there knows exactly why.
Because Desiderio i the ghost type archer is just too good to pass up and It's not just visually awesome.
Its trademark spirit shackle literally pins the enemy's shadow to the ground so they can't escape to Situate clicked with so many people that they abandoned their past alliances and picked a grass starter for the first time ever.
I should know I'm one of a number two.
Rock rough, to a small extent, is a little bit like the E V of this generation.
In Sun version, it evolves until like and rock while in Moon and evolves into Like and rock Rock rough isn't like even the point is like.
And Rock captures everything great about having two versions of each Pokemon game, all in one single creature.
If you want both types, you'll have to cooperate with a friend who has the opposite game of you.
We don't think you can really go wrong with whichever form your rock puppy evolves into, but our preference goes to the slower, more heavy hitting like and rock midnight for Why, I don't know.
We just like wearables.
I guess it's number one.
Okay, I know, I said earlier that Peek a Choo is really overrated, and I stand by that.
But there's no denying the fact that has become a huge cultural icon.
In fact, Peek a Choo is so popular that things have officially come full circle with a poke on that on.
Lee wants to live up to the electric mouse's notoriety.
This is the story of mimic you.
Truth is like some of the Pokemon worlds, more mysterious creatures.
Nobody knows what mimic you actually looks like, because the only documented person who ever found out literally died from horror.
But in spite of that mimic you doesn't give up.
It makes an adorably sloppy costume to try to look more like its hero and with luck, make new friends.
And that doesn't yank of the old heartstrings.
Even just a little you may want to check.
It's even gonna polls.
But even before Sun and Moon came out, people the world over fell in love with the idea of this little guy.
And you know what?
Given all that, I think it's safe to say that this makes Mimic you story a happy one.
After all, Thank you so much for checking out our top 10 sun and moon Pokemon.
Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below and subscribe for more top tents.
Also, make sure to become a rooster teeth first member.
You can see top tens early before anybody else gets for watching.
We'll see you next time.
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TOP 10 Sun & Moon Pokémon

17 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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