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  • his name was simply David, and he had one clear purpose in life.

  • Become the successor to the greatest soldier who ever lived.

  • Why?

  • Because he was cloned from him.

  • Strapping Ladies and gentlemen, this origins and newsy as a secret government project.

  • David was created using eggs donated by a Japanese scientist and grown in the womb of offense Little spy along with seven other would be brothers.

  • He was almost the original octo mom.

  • They scrambled Six of them do somehow empowered the remaining two.

  • According Toa prophecy.

  • One of these twins would bring ruin to the world while the other would save it.

  • So that kind of works out.

  • Reliever David, he turned out to be the good one.

  • Born to be a soldier, he joined the Green Beret as a teenager and later joined the C I.

  • A.

  • The U.

  • S.

  • Army and finally the high tech black ops group called Fuck Sound Here.

  • His deadly stealth techniques earned him his legendary code name, Solid Snake.

  • While serving under this Special Forces unit, he received training from the very man he was cloned from Big Boss.

  • But on his very first mission for box sound war itself changed After infiltrating the military nation outer heaven to rescue a fellow agent, Snake uncovered plans for the creation of a gigantic walking weapon that can airmail a nuke to anywhere in the world.

  • It was called metal gear.

  • Despite being a fox hound, rookie Snake destroyed the metal gear and discovered that Big Boss himself was apparently leading the enemy after killing his own father.

  • Supposedly snake it had enough and entered early retirement God.

  • Since he had single handedly destroyed a walking nuke shooter and the greatest soldier who ever lived, Snake became the next soldier of legend.

  • Anytime a new metal gear showed up, Snake was pulled back into the fray when all he really wanted to do was get drunk in Alaska Dog sled race with his 50 huskies.

  • Talk about living the dream blood turns out Big Boss wasn't quite as dead as people thought.

  • Iwas, even after Snake burned him alive with nothing but a lighter and a can of hair spray.

  • History's greatest soldier.

  • Everyone, these metal gear's still kept showing up.

  • Soon.

  • Snake was an expert at destroying these metal behemoths, but solid snakes mission is only just beginning, so join us next week as we take a look at snakes opponent Sam Fisher, the ultimate predator from Splinter Cell.

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his name was simply David, and he had one clear purpose in life.

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