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  • Every famous superhero has a special something which makes them recognizable.

  • Some mark Gothic nights of darkness is showcase of order versus chaos.

  • Some are instantly relatable, a prime example of an average person in a not so average work and summer shoved in your base over and over and over again until you just can't take it anymore.

  • A shocks.

  • Are you talking about me?

  • You such a sweet talker?

  • Go away!

  • We've seen through this, But why stop a good thing?

  • Hi, I'm Wade Wilson, masterful mercenary and twice robbed of winning People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Award.

  • Way back, I got stuck in a series shitty situation called Cancer, the worst supervillain.

  • But then the good folks of department gay offered me a cure centigrade until I learned the big block twist.

  • Department K was actually a sect of the Weapon X program, a top secret project for crafting super soldiers by any means necessary.

  • They shut wait up with 50 cc's of hut, creamy wolverine juice.

  • It gave him the same crazy healing factor but also turned his base into an improv comedy prom.

  • You look like an avocado sexist, older, more disgusting avocado.

  • After escaping in gruesome fashion.

  • Wade resumed his life as a mercenary taking the name Deadpool.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • You've been here like two times already.

  • DP We know all this stuff.

  • How about we just give the risk but sounds reasonable to me?

  • Come back next week to learn all about Deadpool's opponent, the mask.

Every famous superhero has a special something which makes them recognizable.

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Deadpool Won't Leave DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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