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really the way of progress.
But we've seen this season is not the LeBron James we've come to know in recent years.
LeBron, who told the world he wanted to limit his playmaking duties, is gone.
LeBron, who has been dominant as the Lakers full time point guard while leading the NBA in assists, is here.
LeBron, who needed time to learn to play with star big men Chris Bosch and Kevin Love, is gone for LeBron with amazing instant chemistry with Anthony Davis is here.
There's a block by Anthony Davis taken by LeBron ahead day.
LeBron, who started off seasons conserving his energy, is gone.
LeBron, who has gone full out since November, leading the Lakers to end their six year playoff drought, is here.
LeBron, who saved his best defense for the playoffs, is gone.
LeBron, who made six straight all defensive teams from 2009 to 14 is here.
I watched Black draw the play and go through the whole thing and and then LeBron with vigorous no head shake to be that dismissive of the coach definitely got my attention.
LeBron has struggled.
Working with coaches has happened with everyone from Team USA and Mike Chefs key to Miami and Erik Spoelstra to L.
And Luke Walton is gone.
The LeBron, who has shown support in Frank Vogel since the day he was hired even though he had hoped for Tyronn Lue, instead is here.
I felt that we will be extremely prepared just going against his patient teams.
They were always one of my toughest opponent when I was in Miami.
LeBron, who missed out on the top five in M v P voting last season for the first time in 13 seasons, is gone.
LeBron, who is challenging Yonas Tincu Po, is here.
He's been an M V P level.
I just feel like even in year 17 we continue to take LeBron James for granted.
A refreshed and re imagined approach at age 35 has defined this season for James and the Lakers in many ways.
And the days of the Lakers as championship contenders are here and now, a huge weekend with matchups against their biggest competition for the title, the Bucks Friday night and the Clippers on Sunday is here, too.
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How LeBron James has reimagined his 17-year NBA career | NBA on ESPN

71 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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