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  • 10 Crazy Facts about death Battle You probably don't know the first death battle ever was Boba Fett versus Sama Surround.

  • This matchup, in particular, was inspired by Hey Lloyd.

  • Payload was also a key inspiration for the death battle show In general, many of the three D animated death battles use motion capture animation, in which animated Torrey in and Stunt Man John record their own movements to use for the characters on screen, including the female characters.

  • So the next time you see bayonet is sultry rock, just imagine Torrey and doing the same thing.

  • While having eight cameras pointed at one of Ben and Chad's most memorable moments from researching Goku vs Superman was trying to determine Go kousky limits early in Dragonball GT, Gocha uses key to transport all of Earth's population to a nearby planet, so they calculated the total weight of every man, woman, child and animal on planet Earth.

  • Before realizing, Goku also transported a bunch of random unmeasurable dinosaurs, too.

  • Whoops.

  • During the fateful lunch in 2011 Gerry Canavan Bauer, a k a pro Jared, suggested the matchup of Starscream versus Rainbow Dash as a joke afterwards, just for kicks the crew looked up Rainbow Dash on the My Little Pony Wikipedia and were immediately floored by the ponies.

  • Absurd power.

  • The episode was greenlit on the spot in solid Snake vs Sam Fisher.

  • Snake was voiced by Christopher Savit, known for his animal roles such as a Cheetah and Piccolo in Dragonball Z.

  • Turns out Savitz casting was more important to him than we realized at convention panels.

  • He's frequently asked the question, Is there a character you haven't boys who you wanna play?

  • And without hesitation, he would always say Solid snake.

  • Yes, kids Death battle can make dreams come true To save time and money death, little animation sometimes repurpose assets between episodes, particularly set pieces.

  • Terminator versus Robocop, Godzilla versus Camera and Deadpool versus Death.

  • Stroke.

  • All used the same city backdrop.

  • See that bridge?

  • Godzilla swimming by.

  • If you look real close, you can just make out death stroke, causing the most epic traffic collision of all time.

  • Well, okay, not really, but it is technically the same.

  • Bridge report.

  • Contracting Animators Bend, the director of death battle animated the 1st 18 episodes himself despite having zero prior animation experience.

  • This included the team anti battle Royal, in which Rafael ruthlessly killed Donatello by stabbing him a total of 24 times.

  • Fun fact.

  • Donatello happens to be Ben's favorite into Turtle.

  • What the heck, then Theo Original script for Goku vs Superman put the episode at 50 minutes long.

  • Chad, who plays Boom stick, lost his voice while recording it.

  • The episode was trimmed and reworked toe a much more watchable half hour, but much of what was cut was revisited in Goku vs Superman.

  • Too new to person Shadow included an extremely rare event in voice acting.

  • Curtis are not a Takahata wanna one of Team four star returned to Reprise Shadow the Hedgehog, and he was literally directed to act worse to better Matt Shadows, Um, unique vocal performance and sonic adventure, too.

  • Seriously, you're comparing yourself to me.

  • You're not even good enough to be, Thank you.

  • Eat those words.

  • Kirby was originally going to make his death battle debut in Kirby versus Ditto, A popular viewer request, however ditto was replaced with Majin boo after our researchers discovered Kirby was strong enough to throw giant monsters all the way to the sun.

  • Herbie, this guy, this adorable pink puffball of acuteness is a god damn monster, That's all for now.

  • Thanks for coming to the death battle panel.

  • Hope you have a great weekend at R TX and sGC.

10 Crazy Facts about death Battle You probably don't know the first death battle ever was Boba Fett versus Sama Surround.

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