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All right.
Well, let's switch from that.
Siri's to this serious because this is the one.
The crucial game is tonight.
And Andre Iguodala.
This could be a huge factor, guys.
He is listed as questionable for Game four with that calf injury that we saw took him out of the game starting in the third quarter of the last game.
They're already down.
We have talked about Andre Iguodala, Scotty.
You made the point that he's the defender who's normal, and David and Lillard, or on the player that they feel is putting the most pressure on them.
If he doesn't go tonight, what do you think the impact is on this game?
What, They're gonna have to find someone to stay in front of game and hopefully can do the same job equal dollars been able to do throughout this series.
But I think it's important for them to have him on the court.
A lot of things that he does does not show on the stat sheet like garden gaming litter in keeping them pretty much out of this Siri's and he's done a good job throughout off getting rebounds, pushing things in transition, setting picks stepping through getting easy baskets.
Those things will be missed in under equal dollar.
A lot like great Long Green is a game changer for this Golden State warrior.
This is really where you rely on your training staff to know whether or not if he plays tonight, he has a chance to see more simulated injury.
Because if the Warriors win tonight, nine days yet finals first game is set, it is is the 30th.
They would have nine days.
If they lose tonight, then they have to extend it.
They have to travel to play another game.
It's still have seven days turned.
This is crazy.
I do.
And look, I spoke to Andre for a while after the game, and you know Andre Iguodala.
He's like you, Scotties like of course I'm playing.
He's like, I'm gonna play now.
He can say that after Game three, the training staff and the coaching staff has to weigh in and decide if they think, as Brian says, he's gonna injure himself more.
It's just of your Portland and you see this injury report today whether he actually steps on the court or not, he might be even if he plays might be not himself.
Does that give you a Lex?
Tra hope, because of teams down 30 have never come back to win, never, but also if there are injury after injury after injury.
If your Damian Lillard if your C J McCollum.
How do you look at this?
Well, I don't think that there's concern should be about under Rico Dollar.
To be honest, I think their concern is really about themselves and that Damien has to play better.
CJ has to play better and their their team has to play better, especially in the second half.
I think they have to defend.
I don't think this is about whether or not under Eagle Dollar score.
I think they've got to get their transition game going, and they've got to try to score some easy baskets.
They only scored eight transition points in the last game and Golden State 18.
So when you're playing at home, you got to get easy.
That lets people if if the Warriors play tonight without three of the most key players Durant, cousins and Iguodala in Portland in an elimination game, the Blazers have to win that game.
If you don't win that you don't belong, right?
If they don't win, they are going to be belonging anymore.
They won't be.
They won't be anywhere, anywhere.
Every home for the summer.
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What Andre Iguodala's injury means for Warriors vs. Blazers Game 4 | The Jump

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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