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Let's move on to another Canadian, Andrew Wiggins.
Timberwolves president Gerson Rosa's has suggested he'd like to make a pre draft deal, saying he's reached out to every team in the league.
Any major deal would likely have to involve Wiggins, who has four years in 122 million left on his deal.
Ramona, do you think the team wants to find a buyer for Wigan?
Yeah, they will.
Still the number one overall pick for me.
She hasn't turned into what people wanted him to be.
Do you think somebody, Alan somebody takes Says what?
He was the number one pick.
If we put him in our system, we could make it work.
Teams are much more likely to take risks on younger players making a lot of money than older players making a lot of money.
Yeah, that's fair.
I don't see e.
I agree with you.
So you should hear what is Wiggins missing Byron from just outside looking in.
And I watched you know, Wigan's play a lot.
Watch your dad played against his dad, right?
Way back in the day.
The biggest thing I think he's missing is right here.
that toughness that heart, that competitive nature.
I don't see that in him.
Every time I see him play, I don't see him forcing his will on guys forcing his will on the game.
He has talent is no doubt about.
Kid is extremely talented, but those are the things that are missing from him.
As far as I'm concerned.
To make him a top top level basketball player in this league is the desire to heart that competitive nature, the will to just go out and just try to take a game over.
I just don't see that in him on the night tonight basis.
So can that be learned?
Some people say it can.
Some people can't.
Some people say, you know, you're born with those things but I think those are some things that you can definitely learn.
What if your experience has been with guys like that?
Either you've coached or played with that?
Maybe you had all the town in the world and then it maybe it took a while and some guys that maybe it didn't It never clicked.
Every guy like that has a switch.
You got to find it right from a coaching standpoint, you gotta find what it is that can turn that fire on with that player and some players, you know, you can ignite it and boom, they just go that different direction, where they just go your upward and other players, you're not a little bit and it still kind of flame out a little bit.
You know, he is a very, very talented young, young man.
Two can play the game of basketball, but he has something missing in the coaches.
It's the coach's job to me to find out what it iss.
I mean, you don't know what you could be on top of the hill right, and that it's all gone and then everything's changed and you have a decision in your life about how much you want to fight, to get back up to the top, right?
You've never really made it in this this world.
You can make it and then you got to stay there and I think Wiggins is there and it's starting to fall down in the hill and it's kind of up to him about how much he wasn't fight for that.
But in this league also, it doesn't just take some time to find out what you really are.
Maybe you get because you got drafted.
Number one overall.
People think that you're gonna be the Maple Jordan.
Maybe you just need some time to be something else for the right situation, right?
You may be a little more structure or what?
You have to be the guy.
We're not that starring player, right?
It's not the guy there.
That's the guy.
That's the guy supposed to be a do.
It exactly was supposed to supposed to not be the case.
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It's easier to trade Andrew Wiggins than Chris Paul - Ramona Shelburne | The Jump

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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