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Natalia Romanoff, more commonly known as the Anglicized Natasha Romanoff, is one of the more curious members of the legendary Avengers.
Yeah, unlike most of them, she doesn't have any ridiculous superpowers, and she even started out Is a bad day.
Like many secret agents, Natasha's past is a mystery.
One account claims she was raised by a soldier named Ivan Petro, who taught her the art of combat.
His teachings were so affluent that Natasha was kidnapped by an order of assassins known as the Hand, intending to train her as their master assassin.
Luckily, Wolverine and Captain Boy Scout rescued her, but she eventually put her talents to use working for the KGB and becoming the famous ballerina.
However, the most likely story was that Petrovic admitted a young Natasha toe a secret Soviet program called the Black Widow Ops.
They're in the infamous Red Room.
Natasha was trained to be the deadliest spy in the world.
She learned all sorts of stealth, assassination and martial arts techniques, including the newly invented samba style, which is basically like street fighting judo, mixed with the craziest traveling moves ever like there's even do that Origin's magic.
She learned dozens of other martial arts, including karate boy tie, aikido in kung fu bandages mastered all sorts of Lebanon, re becoming an expert.
Sign me up for the spider of Don't get the wrong idea.
The Red Room was brutal.
Natasha was brainwashed, literally programmed with false memories, which included her days as a ballerina.
She was even forced to duel other members to the death.
Crazy to think about, considering how much went into each one's training, but all the more to transform her into the ultimate stone cold spy code named Black Widow.
Sometimes it's the praise of victory.
Mama booms.
Dick trained me and some friends to eat over 60 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
It was the only one that survived, right?
I'd love to not hear any more about that after we cover Widowmaker next week.
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Black Widow is "Russian" into DEATH BATTLE!

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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