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now you said earlier You like to bet on yourself.
You have really decided to bet on yourself.
You are hoping to sell shares of your contract in digital tokens.
The league now has this under review again.
You explain to people what even you are talking about with us.
Um uh I mean, there's a There's a very long drawn out type of Jimmy want.
We don't want that.
Basically, uh, let's talk about fan engagement today.
You know, the more that fans feel invested or part of the experience of the great the great our MBA ecosystem as a whole is I mean, that's why you know, we want they can invest in your contract that so, like I said again, that would be like a longer explanation.
If you think about that's why you want, you know, people watching from China and India and streaming on their devices and all those things.
And if we look at you know how people play games or just incentivizing fans to get you to watch our beautiful product being tied to players, fancy sports, things like that, it only enhances.
So it was built as a win win win for everybody the fans, the NBA and the players as well.
You more simple question.
What about shoes?
That's always easier.
Her drivel gift maybe.
Uh, yes.
Yes, I do.
Yes, I do.
Have, ah, get for a couple a couple people, okay on this side of the table, or they are in the audience there.
I mean, it was well, but, you know, they're on the audio side.
I like this guy, Right?
Kobe Bryant, Jersey.
Hold up.
Your shoe is pretty cool, Right?
Way like flavor.
First year black one.
I got the graffiti.
One you got?
No like that.
Got his own shoes.
Well, maybe during the break, you can talk to him about your sizes.
I'm just saying, There we go trying to get me fine.
Uh, like I collect.
There you go.
Tracy only wears Adidas.
That's all.
I get it.
Thank you so much for being with.
He's giving you the thumbs up There.
People, bodies, project dreams, die O help you do it.
Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.
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Tracy McGrady loves Spencer Dinwiddie's shoes, but doesn't want to get fined | The Jump

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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