B2 High-Intermediate 4 Folder Collection
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behold the Justice Society of America, the first recorded team of superheroes in the D C universe.
Where else could you find a bucks or in a cat suit?
Tillman with the spirit of God's divine rep.
And among these men and gods stood a woman, the judo chopping black canary.
Wait, why a canary canaries don't know judo.
Or do they?
However, this is not the black canary will be focusing on today.
See, the black canary of the Golden Age may have been a skilled crime fighter in her own right, but the one who made the moniker a household name was her daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, nine.
It wanted to be a crime fighter, just like her mom.
So she trained with Wildcat.
The the furry bucks Aaron mentioned earlier her mother wasn't very happy about that Young Dinos career could have ended then and there, if not for the discovery of what she likes to call her canary cry.
Cases such as these weren't ordinary but well explained.
See, Dinah possessed the meta gene, a dormant slice of genetic code present in about 12% of humanity, granting superhuman abilities.
A wizard did it with their new power and martial arts training.
Dina took up her mother's mental and became black Canary.
The 2nd 1 Is it weird that her mom was also named Dina?
They're really forming a dynasty.
Fun fact.
Originally, she disguised herself by donning a blond wig, but eventually just died it permanently.
Lund, Don't you mean yellow?
Uh, regardless, the canary cry is no joke.
By admitting focused ultrasonic sound, Dina can annihilate the ear drums of anyone nearby or just ramp up the volume and blow people away with shock waves.
She can even stuff a runaway train.
It's quite versatile to she can focus or cries in the small sonic projectiles or broaden them to affect entire cities.
Speaking of shrieking, I gotta go drip of my latest child support payment to my eggs.
Ah, that sucks.
Good luck.
When was the last time you paid those last time?
Your wallet went missing.
We don't have time to dive into that.
So come back next time and we'll cover blanket areas.
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Black Canary Sings in DEATH BATTLE!

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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