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  • the game of basketball exploded.

  • It went from being a sport that was primarily driven by what kids saw in the United States.

  • Toe kids around the world plane.

  • And as the game grew exponentially globally, we saw kids of kids of different sizes, different opportunities, different skill sets really take to the game.

  • And like any kid playing basketball, you play the game the way you want to play the game, where you play the game the way you want to and with guidance from your coaches.

  • And so, even though historically, if a kid was tall and tall was all relative, you know it could be six foot four and you were the center for your high school team or you could be seven foot tall.

  • But if you were seven foot tall and you wanted to shoot the ball and you wanted to dribble the ball as the game exploded and with tell in television took off and cable and Satellite took off and were available globally, players got to see Michael Jordan and Isaiah Thomas, and you know Kareem Abdul Jabbar and you name it and pattern their game without realizing that.

  • OK, if I'm seven foot tall.

  • I'm not allowed to shoot the ball.

  • Um, basketball.

  • You know, when you're picking, when you're playing outside and you're picking up the ball and and you're thinking to yourself, you know, 3 to 1, the shot goes up.

  • You know, you're not thinking Well, um, you know, seven foot tall.

  • So I'm not allowed to shoot jumpers.

  • You're not thinking I'm six foot two, so I'm not allowed to have a post up game.

  • And I think as kids just got into the game and saw different examples and watched the game on television, they took to the way they wanted to play the game.

  • And that's how you saw.

  • You know, taller guys become better shooters and and really just play the game the way they wanted to play the game.

  • The analytics doesn't specify whether it's a big or a small or a medium sized guy.

  • You know, numbers don't say whether, um, the analytics aren't driven by the height of the player of the Analects, were driven by the skill set of the player and the team, and the goal is to maximize your points per possession and score more points, minimize the points per possession of the other team and score more points at the end of the game than the other team has.

  • And if you know your best chance to win is to have five guys out there under six foot tall, you know, then that's what it's going.

  • That's what you're going to dio um, but right now, the way it's geared, the you're better off.

  • If you're a decent shooter, regardless of your height, you're better off shooting the three.

  • And then the question becomes, if you're shooting a three or right at the basket, where you have a high probability of making the basket, obviously.

  • But if you're good at shooting the three than the numbers also say that the further away from the basket that you can shoot a high percentage of three, the better off it is for the team because you create more space on the court.

  • And if you create more space on the court than the five defenders have to guard more space and have to have to guard more space, there's more open places for offensive players to go to and that's why you're seeing the game become mawr more wide open It's not just about shooting threes.

  • It's about creating space and and actually paces well, because if you don't give the defense a chance to set up, you create incremental opportunities as well.

  • I think people is starting first with the shooting.

  • Obviously, you did.

  • You hadn't seen seven foot or shoot threes to the extent that he did, but it wasn't just shooters.

  • I mean, we've had Sam Perkins here, six foot 11 7 foot that could make a three.

  • But Sam wasn't gonna put the ball on the court and and make other plays, you know, dirt to shoot the three.

  • He, you know, he he could also put the ball on the court.

  • He could run, he could finish, he can get out front.

  • He didn't really bring the ball up court very often, but he could do that as well.

  • And so dirt played like a six foot five player in a seven foot body, and I think that's what really made him different.

  • It wasn't just about being able to shoot the threes.

  • There have been guys, Jack, sick market, you know, shoot from shoot from range.

  • But there hadn't been anybody who could put together the entire package.

  • And so when you need a dirt to get a bucket, if the three was open, Dirk was there for the three.

  • If it started at the elbow and either he created for himself or somebody else, he could work from the elbow in either score pass and he could rebound and he could run all those things in a single package.

  • That was what made dirt unique.

  • Yeah, the Post conserve, I've It's just a question of what happens when you put somebody in the post right?

  • And so you know, if a guy is shooting 80% from two feet from the basket, But on the other side of the court, he doesn't give up and open three every time he's gonna play because you want that 80%.

  • You want that 80% 2 point shot every time?

  • Um, but the challenge traditionally has been not so much that a guy can't perform in the post.

  • It's what can they do on the other side defensively, so that if a guy if you can put a smaller guy on a strong post player and hold him toe 60% shooting, which is a 1.2 points per possession.

  • But on the other side, the guy has to guard when he guards him is making 50% of those threes or 1.5.

  • You're going backwards.

  • And so that's the challenge.

  • And that's the tradeoff.

  • If you give me a big guy that you know 743 like AP and he can post up and give you a 7430.8 per you know, you know, shoot 80% on a two and guard the three point that's a unicorn, and that's what makes him unique.

  • So it's not that the post has gone away is that people who are traditionally really good in the post can't guard guys who can shoot from the three and aren't and really aren't great perimeter defenders.

  • And that's been the challenge.

  • You get somebody you know, if Shack could really guard on the perimeter and guys were a little bit smaller because there are more perimeter or in players, and shack just dominates inside and guard.

  • The perimeter player like shack would come in and dominate again today.

  • So again, it's not that post players there's not a place for him.

  • It's the challenge of them guarding on the other side on the defensive side.

  • Three.

  • Evolution of this pace and space game.

  • Big man could do more that stupid at acid that It's cute.

  • You're better off shooting the three.

  • I'll be Michael Jordan in this I'm old school have to adapt or attend sports.

the game of basketball exploded.

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