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with reported The New York Times by Marc Stein That says the Boston Celtics have quote emerged as a stealth suitor for Kemba Walker Unquote.
This presumes, of course, that Kyrie Irving will be leaving Boston.
Al Horford has already left Wilbon.
If the Celtics land Kemba Walker, will that make them contenders?
No, not not.
Not alone.
No, they're talking about losing Horford and loose and Kyrie these air to players to players at the opposite positions on the floor in terms of responsibilities and what they do.
And no, and I and I think that Horford.
I think Horford's the bigger loss because Horford's the guy who's also calming and a guy that people like to play with and go to work with.
And then Kyrie, not so much as it turned out.
So Kimball Walker is an asset, and he's an asset that I'm sure several teams would like to have a lot of money and he can play.
But is he gonna, by himself push the Boston Celtics past the likes of Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Toronto?
Note was gonna make contenders doesn't mean you automatically win.
Contenders means you're a group of four already control, but you would think that they would drop a little bit without horse.
Yes, without Carlos, I'm going to establish a position here.
That's the Celtics.
If they're not a unique team, they are a very special team in this regard.
And I say this with the experience of seeing what happened with Kyrie Irving.
They are better as over achievers without being star laden.
They are better.
They are one of the rare teams where the where the hole is bigger than the sum of its parts.
I think they will be better without Kyrie, Irving and better with Kemba Walker.
They had a very small guard a couple of years ago.
Yeah, Isiah Thomas.
They were really good or getting certainly getting on the pad of very good with Isaiah Thomas.
Then they essentially bottom lines swapped him out for Kyrie.
Kemba Walker is also a small garden.
Kemba Walker has what I would call really effective numbers without the monstrous ego that certain star players have.
So I would tell you that getting Kemba Walker puts them puts them in the contender status now, replacing Horford's tough.
It's tough about re sizing corporate.
What I was gonna asking and stuff when you talk about other teams like Toronto, if, well, if they wise not there, okay, but Philly, We don't know what they're gonna have either.
We don't know anybody and we don't know about.
We don't know about the dysfunction in Philly, you know, if that is there, and I do think the walk is a legit Milwaukee's got Brogden to replace.
If he was to leave that he's restricted so they can keep having it.
In other words, I think we were both.
He agreed that Kemba Walker would be a big deal.
He'd be a big Do you think they need more big deals right now?
Does Tony Ethnic another one, if possible?
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Does Kemba Walker make the Celtics a contender? | Pardon the Interruption

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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