B1 Intermediate 3 Folder Collection
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Wiz: The village of the Hidden Leaf, also known as Konoha was a docile town.
Except for one hyperactive troublemaking brat...
Naruto Uzumaki.
Wiz (Imitating Boomstick): That's right Wiz and he looks like a clown.
That makes me wanna down my beer twice as fast.
(clears throat)
Yeah so...
Boomstick's not here today.
I won't... I won't do that again.
Anyway despite its peaceful appareance this was actually a village of ninjas.
Orphaned at a young age; Naruto's life goal was to one day become the leader of these ninja.
A prestigious role called the Hokage.
Naturally the only way Naruto could reach such heights was to excel as a Hidden Leaf ninja.
And to do that he attended a ninja school.
So he's kind of like ninja Harry Potter.
Unfortunately Naruto wasn't all that bright.
But he's still learned quite a bit.
Like how to use his Chakra.
Chakra is a type of energy every living being possesses.
The more physical and spiritual energy want to has, the more Chakra they'll have at their disposal.
Well Naruto wasn't the brightest bulb in his class he does possess a great deal of powerful Chakra.
In fact he seems to possess far more than a kid at his age ever should.
And that's because of the beast within.
Going back to few years on the day of Naruto's birth the village was attacked by a Chakra Beast known as the Nine-Tailed Fox.
Desperate to save the village from such a devastating monster.
The Hokage at the time he used his Chakra to seal the fox spirit within Naruto.
Trapping it for the forseeable future.
This Tailed Beast named Kurama eventually befriended Naruto and shared his power.
Turning the ninja boy into a powerhouse.
That actually reminds me I left my latest experiment cooking.
I should go check on him.
Come back next week as we cover Naruto's opponent, Ichigo from Bleach.
Boomstick should be ready by then too.
I... I mean I think so long as he comfortable with his new stomach animal.
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Naruto Runs Into DEATH BATTLE!

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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