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the two most important parts of a metro game our exploration and upgrades, but without an awe inspiring boss fight all that's kind of meaningless.
For decades now, Metroid has been giving gamers some of the most intimidating and entertaining boss fights in history.
But only 10 can make our list.
I'm nervous, Nick for screw tax Top 10 Adroit Boss fights Number 10 Good old fashioned rock goals.
You see long ago, somebody must have decreed that all fantasy worlds have to have either Dragons, giant Spider things or rock monsters.
But until Metroid Prime Salmon hadn't really encountered that 3rd 1 the artist is found in the frozen friend Rana drifts.
And if it looks like a nice your version of that thing from Galaxy Quest Dio here not too far off Rocket not having fun but unlike with Tim Allen would have you believe Jarvis isn't so invincible.
Using your thermal visor, you've got a pinpoint the creatures ever shifting weak spots so you can littlest artist down to just a few.
Artist isn't mind blowing in terms of design because it's, you know, a pile of rocks, but it gave us a small end welcome twist on that whole shoot.
The weak spot formula.
Thank you started number nine.
Most bosses in Metroid like to make their entrances, so usually for some kind of intimidation factor.
Kind of fits of that whole spooky, lonely vied that these games do so well.
Sarah's from Metro Infusion isn't about that life.
His giant water state comes blasting into the room at hypersonic speeds, and he tries to knock in the water when your movements are ever slower.
Every time you managed to hit Sarah's his head with a powerful enough projectile, he goes back to this top speed completely invincible while it last.
Really, the big thing that makes Sarah so cool is that he's one of the most fun bosses in the game.
But he's even got a Sweet Boss team on top of it all.
If only he were more of a challenge.
We probably put him up even higher number.
You know it's great about Shozo statues in these games there, like helping hands in a world that's constantly trying to kill you.
Sometimes they opened up new pathways or give you upgrades or even care.
You like a sleeping baby down some stairs.
I think that's weak.
And then Nintendo lied to all of us on your visit.
A Planet Zev is in super Metroid.
One of these chose oh statues called the Golden Therese's Oh, just straight up starts attacking you.
Not just that, but it actually catches and throws your super missiles right back.
And you excuse me.
You can't do that.
Technically, the Golden Theresa is more of a sub boss.
But it was one of the biggest surprises in any Metroid game to date, and it also taught us an important lesson.
Now number seven Samson really seem to go together like Batman and the Joker.
No matter how many times is Purple Pirate Dragon is defeated, he start to come back again by Sambas.
Next mission.
He's been resurrected as a robot, a genetic clone.
And needing is one of those X parasites and metro infusion.
It's a tough call, but Ridley's best comeback appearance has to be his three D debut as metering glee.
This bite takes full advantage of the open air arena, allowing really to fly around and bombarded with projectiles from the sky while you try to pick him off from afar with almost no where to run to your definitely in Ridley's house.
Well, that is, until you shred his wings to Fitz and bring him down to your level so you can pummel him with missiles.
And when he's finally met his match, he gets blasted by, chose a lasers and then does his best impression of guest on from Beauty and the Beast.
Hey, really always comes back.
In fact, you might even say that rule applies to top tens as well.
Number you want to talk about ah, classic set up to a boss battle even back in super Metroid, finding 1/2 decayed corpse covered in green alien scavengers was a pretty terrible sign of what's just ahead.
In this case, the return of Craig decides, really Create is easily a contender for one of the most recognizable bosses in all of naturally, it's kind of hard to forget Fighting.
A monster is so huge it can't even fit on the screen.
Of course, Crate has appeared another Metroid games like Zero Mission, but we like the fight in Super Metroid the most, not only because of how technically impressive it was at the time, but also because of the way Craig enters and moves around the battlefield.
Compared to his other fights, this is another boss fight we love to put higher put.
Come on, Guy dies in like three Super Missiles.
Week number.
His boss fight is a story of revenge early on in Metro Diffusion and ex Parasite infects Sam.
It's while she's at her most powerful.
Pretty much this just means that you lose all your weaponry while a more powerful doppelganger haunts you for the duration of the games.
And let me tell you, it's really freakin stressful when this thing, the S a X, shows up when you least expect it.
But by the very end of the game, when you finally reclaimed your lost text, you get to settle the score once and for all.
Although the build up to the essay X Fight is great, the fight itself isn't exactly the most interesting.
It's not so much about creating your opportunities to score damage as it is just running laps around the room and shooting whenever possible.
Even when this thing turns into this weird, odd monster the toughest part.
The battle is already behind me, but just for the pure satisfaction of exacting some good old fashioned vengeance.
S a X marks the spot.
Yeah, just go to the next number.
Number four.
Speaking of Metro infusion, there's a moment when Samos has to backtrack to the icy cryo sphere only to find this time that the entire area is in shambles.
Worse yet, suspect number one is stalking you in the background.
This is a nightmare.
The most aptly named boss in all of Metroid.
I don't know what other adjectives or even is to describe this biomechanical beast than freaky Nightmare manipulates the rooms gravity drastically slowing your movement while it blast lasers at you.
But as you damage this machine like creature, it begins to leak this green slime out of its face.
Until finally, it truly earns its name.
In a series already known for being spooking, nightmare still creeps us out.
Number three.
A good boss battle will usually make you feel like you're up against impossible odds in some way and a quick, effective way to do that is to just make a friggin huge.
I mean, look what that did for Crate in the two D games for but in the three d Prime Siri's.
We would say that Quad Drax is uses its size to great effect and gather plenty of big enemies and prime one through three.
But Quad Drax is here isn't just large and in charge.
It's mobile as well.
You'll spend a lot of this fight weaving through its legs as it stops to create shockwaves or pull you in with its tornado attack thing.
Cripple its joints enough and quadra axes head separates to attack you from the air.
Which means you get to do one of the cruelest maneuvers in a natural eight boss fight.
Ramp yourself off of its down legs, toe plant bombs under the headed box.
Yeah, it's exactly as fun as it sounds.
Number two, as the ancient prophecies have foretold richly, is, in fact, on this list twice.
I mean, he comes back from the dead so much, being kind of rude not to do it.
Part of me really wanted to put Neil really from Metro infusion here because of its spine chilling.
Yet you're bleeding Lee loud screaming, but all things considered, his battle and Metro zero mission Chuck brings more to the table.
Better animations, amore treacherous, lava filled arena and, to be perfectly honest, way cooler attacks in his fusion counterpart.
Plus, it's kind of nice to just fight with the proper for once and not some clone or mechanical reincarnation.
And for those of us who are weird and actually like it so much, we've even still got our fair share of really screens.
It's number one.
Not only is our number one the most famous boss fight in Metroid, but it's one of the most well known in all of gaining.
You already know what it is.
Super Metroid own mother brain.
This was an emotional fight, like no other in the syriza to break it down for you, I think support.
We just go step by step.
The battle starts.
You wail on mother brain as hard as you can, only to be effortlessly brought to your knees by its deadly laser brain attack.
Apparently, that's the official name.
Anyway, at the last moment, the baby Metroid Samos saved in the previous game incapacitates the grotesque monster and revitalizes you until Mother brain reawakens and mercilessly annihilates the poor creature that just saved your life.
That is when the music ships from a tone of tread and powerlessness toe one of vengeful but heroic motivation.
You as the player, know exactly what's about to happen.
This brain is about to taste the mother flipping rainbow, but ultimately makes a boss fight Great is how strong it makes you feel a certain way a battle can aim for intimidation or even just flat out fun.
But the only thing that could be better than either of those things is something that's just satisfied.
And I got to say, pounding a boss to dust rarely, if ever, feels as good as it does against Mother Bring Our Secret Number 11 goes to the mighty she got from Metroid Prime.
This fight has a rather rude beginning with Sam, as you know, killing the boss's kids.
But when the big, bad mom comes out to play, you'll hardly find a meaner looking Metroid boss.
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Top 10 Metroid Boss Battles

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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