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  • Houston, 1102 to 93 with James Harden dropping 47 on the vaunted Clippers defense and post game.

  • Russell Westbrook dropped this on Patrick Beverly in specific Have been Trick your body run around.

  • You see what happened.

  • All that commotion Bomani does Westbrook scouting report makes sense to you?

  • Oh yeah, it makes perfect sense.

  • I'm not saying that it's fair or anything like that, but that's not Russell Westbrook talking about one of the best offensive players in the league or him talking about the Clippers.

  • That's him talking about the dude that messed up his knee and what was his last best chance at winning a championship.

  • Then it makes perfect sense that he says that he just runs around and hit people in the knees, and then they have to miss games for the first time in their lives.

  • And that kind of stuff is probably what he's talking about.

  • More than anything, I do think that is the motive here, but I also think it's just such a flagrant misrepresentation over the actual game itself.

  • If you go into the ESPN stats and Info archive, they will tell you, Patrick Beverley held James Harden scoreless in this game.

  • Kirk Goldsberry pointed out on Twitter today that no one defends James Harden better than Patrick Beverley in the entire league, about 11 points per 100 possessions.

  • And part of the reason is not just that.

  • He runs around and gets underneath people's legs.

  • It's because he does stake out positions in the brains of the people that he is defending.

  • And that seems to have happened to Russell Westbrook right here.

  • Yeah, I applaud you for like, actually taking this seriously right like that.

  • We really put out a question, basically, Which is is Patrick Beverley, a good defensive player?

  • If he was not a good defensive player, he would be the best offensive player back in Chicago.

  • This is the reason why they do.

  • It is not at the crib, is playing defense.

  • We know this.

  • This is Russell Westbrook being perpetually petty, Russell Westbrook in a situation where he actually has a level of personal animus that's involved here.

  • But now we know that Patrick Beverly is what, like 1st 2nd team, all defense guy that you expect every year plays hard and better than anybody is my point.

  • But There is another reason why we are here, and it is the watch Austin Rivers make his family life.

  • How much more for that Doc Rivers.

  • There is the other team in there that might have got to be playing for the other team.

  • You know, if they talked before the game, I do.

  • It's time.

  • But I could see.

  • See that look before many times.

  • What starts blinking his eyes fast?

  • That's when I noticed.

  • Start, Tony, Get a They got him out of here.

  • Yes, she said, We'll see what happens.

  • I love it.

  • I mean, it was a really good moment that I enjoyed it.

  • A lot I really did enjoy is that I love him that I mean, you like those are not the same thing.

  • This is the guy who traded him to the Wizards in 2018 and Beaumont, a guy who traded for him.

  • Vote.

  • Let us not forget that also that.

  • But I know you didn't watch the show succession, but this is more or less what that was like a father and a son arguing and the sun trying to actually manipulate the forces around to get his father all the way out of there, and it worked.

  • Wow, I feel like I know section now.

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Houston, 1102 to 93 with James Harden dropping 47 on the vaunted Clippers defense and post game.

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