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I want to throw this out there, Max, because it's not just doctors, is not just teams is also the aging community.
That's in an absolute uproar, because you see a whole bunch of agents out there that get excoriated because they go to extraordinary means to protect the health of the athlete.
One of the things that we need to pay attention to, and I don't know if this and I haven't spoken to the worries about this.
I'll ask.
But there are people in the agent community that are pointing the finger at the Warriors in this regard.
They say that Kevin Durant, warming up pre game, felt loose, look good.
So I'm dancing in the hallway, etcetera, etcetera comes out on the court.
I was standing courtside.
He was dunking.
It was looking good.
There was any kind of tweak.
Whatever he would have stopped, he wouldn't have played.
He felt just fine.
First quarter, he comes out that he plays just fine.
What they're pointing to now is they're saying, Stephen, a look at what he goes to the bench.
They're saying that he went to the bench.
The calf and the Achilles area was iced so all of a sudden all that warm or the warming up thing and all of that, whatever you wanna call it, he was loose and ready to go.
And because he was on, he wasn't on a minutes restriction, but they obviously told him to play within his limitations.
He was doing that and then he went to the court.
He went to the bench, got iced, it was cool down.
And then after that, they going back out there.
So I don't know how much truth is to that.
I don't think it's fitted the warriors just to put it out there without highlighting.
I have not spoken to them.
But these folks that are fixated or protecting the health of the athlete, they go to Kawai Limit.
They go to K D.
Because this Cady situation right now is going to change the culture off all of sports in terms of how athletes the extraordinary means they're gonna be exercised to protect the athlete moving forward you had am a Rodgers and Tiger Woods speaking on this stuff.
Everybody is gonna change everything because of weapons abdicated incidently Espy nation had it yesterday.
Chelsea Lane, the head performance therapist for the Golden State Warriors, left the team from the talks.
They paid a pause.
They wouldn't pay her the money she wanted.
Iraqi state.
And we'll just remind everybody.
We had Jalen sit there on Countdown Friday and say his workout did not go well on any level, Right?
By the way, Molly say that again.
Jalen was.
Jalen was sitting right about countdown on Friday, and that was trending all over Twitter.
He was killed for it.
Jalen was, I don't know if you know Jalen Rose, I'll introducing a nice guy, but But he was They were killing him on social media.
He said this on Friday and came on this show yesterday to say it didn't go well.
And when hey says they didn't go well on any level.
I'm assuming.
And he's not telling me this, that it's more than just the actual physical aspect that maybe Katie was concerned as well.
Well, first of all, first of all, I don't even know why anybody would give any credibility or credence to those trolls out there.
What did jailer Jalen Rose did not come on the air Friday on Mbah a countdown and just give you an opinion, he said.
I have heard this man did not have a good working.
The trolls out there need to pay attention.
There's a difference between just others.
What I feel.
That's what I believe and somebody said to you, Yo, there are people sort of workouts and this is what they're saying That is what Jalen Rose said.
So why somebody would have a problem with anything, he said.
In that regard, it just highlights the level of it and see that idiocy that exists.
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Jalen Rose warned us about KD's bad workout and the trolls bashed him! - Max Kellerman | First Take

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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