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So we've been having this conversation about LeBron and what's gonna change for him.
You had a conversation off camera with one of the favorite players of all three of us sitting here, Mr Gilbert Arenas.
And he kind of interesting comments on that too, right?
Yeah, he said, You know, he's become reconnected with Kobe through the au circuit, are use basketball circuit.
Kobe had a conversation with them, and this is speaks to the impact that Kobe could have on a number of individuals that you have so much knowledge of the game.
You got to give it back to the next generation.
Keep doing you're doing with youth basketball, but find an outlet for it.
And I don't Gilbert for years.
And I was, you know, DME him about Kobe's passing.
And he said, You know, I got to do it.
I gotta listen to him no more Wild Gil.
It's time for me to do what the man asked me to do for the game of basketball.
And um, no, I know Matt knows him really well.
I I'm really excited.
If that doesn't come to fruition.
Well, as we're talking about off camera, I mean There's a lot of similarities to their approach in their sickening love for the game in their work ethic over.
You know, Gilbert had a bad ending to what could have been amazing career, but as far as his approach in knowing what all the work he put in very similar.
And then you see something like 50 Cent who is probably one of the biggest trolls on Instagram, I'm one of them, too.
But you know him saying that Kobe touched him and there's no more trolling and it's about business that, like I said, Kobe touch so many more than just athletes.
His thought process and his approach to life is, you know, it resonate with everybody Now.
I'm more likely to believe either one of them than I was when I sat across from Joel Embiid a few months ago, and he said, I'm never gonna trash talk again and that lasted what, like three weeks.
I don't expect over to Riina's to change his entire personality, but the idea that he could take something that Kobe said to him with him and having this moment there's a lot that sends him forward into not not it's like the opposite path, but a different turn and curve of his path.
I think we'll see that with a lot of players in the fact that appear, yes looked up to him that says something about Kobe.
There was a There was something about him, something about his work ethic and his approach that guarded universal respects.
Even when Shaq and Kobe weren't getting along, the respect factor was always what I mean.
That's what you see is, you know, Kobe wasn't a vocal leader.
Kobe was do as I do type leader, like he gave his absolute all diving on the floor, doing whatever it took, took charges.
So it almost made you.
If you're I mean, you see the greatest player doing that, it's like he doesn't have to say anything to you.
He'll give you this when he wants the ball right way.
Just know if he goes as hard as he can.
Why in the hell aren't you going as hard as you can?
I imagine if you're a Kobe teammate, you hear that sleep here.
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Kobe Bryant's approach to life resonated with everybody - Matt Barnes | The Jump

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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