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Lillard into the paint turns swings it to Aminu, makes a tremendous catch back to daybreak from the outer limits.
Reels in a three Blazers leading 1 10 19 Aim ends up with it in the corner.
What a deflection from over Dame saying, I don't forget about all that nonsense.
That's a place in the 1st 3 of six from three.
Dave the other way.
River Center.
Beauty on the we know just up Jang, left hand left shoulder, didn't seem to be bothered him there at all that, uh, chip away.
Like he said, Quality.
Get a quality shot outside of three between.
Springs for three already where he's coming off a screen and there's contact being made before rises into the shot.
It happened when Avery Bradley was in the game.
He take the officials about it, will record for the Blazers.
They're one win of last year's phase of the same juncture about a sneak dunk right there.
Little one dribble and finished all the way to the rim, maybe in sex for the board.
He's got five across mid court, with four dribbling between the cones with to land up and in did you see him switch gears?
Sure, Go under a minute.
With 14 issues from Collins, it is little time he knocks down a triple Russia very good Blazers team.
You could see why they're 10 and five on the season.
Has little to get nice through the defense and lays it in.
And a steal by Lillard and one on Jason Smith.
Damian Lillard has completely taken over ball right now.
Stride the three point arc shoot.
Damien will take it right at White drives into the lane.
Draws the bump.
Karen of it goes.
It does.
Little backhand scoop showing showing the way well for distance knocks down a mismatch.
He works 69 frame deep.
Dave tapped.
In a way, it's lose control by the Blazers.
The other way comes on jukebox twists, turns, played it in, the main is fouled and a little heads toe name.
It will go to get it.
Jones angles and later on, and that is a ride from lower because Karl Anthony towns foul sends him to the line.
Aggressive uses the Collins Green players.
Love to see that span, but there's another PIC name reaches in with the loose change.
He'll come down and he ram rods one in with a right hand name of the street from nerve, dependable 26 side of the situation in which he told us, being in Memphis, I struggled mentally because they try to change the shot after you wanted the best college shooting layout for a second.
Okay, when he was trying to tell us that he's one of the best Waas and they got to Memphis, they try to work.
It comes down with a board.
15 minutes logged in 13 and eight for Dame.
Step back.
Got it.
Tom Thibodeau nervously.
Eyeballs Action out on the floor because about folly by letter.
Hooked into the hands of Lillard up to shoot comes flip between defenders.
He is going at heads.
Damian A burst into the lane, turns the corner late in an outstanding plays.
It gets bike assault, Elaine home.
Then he draws his Blazers to within one with 5 27 left in the game.
It's just so smart.
Littler looking to beat the buzzer way for two.
Damian Lillard given a runway and took off to be all quarter.
You just scored.
Don't let him go 94 feet.
Christmas with J T or Leon Wood.
Lillard leans into Mary's it.
He's a career high 40%.
Give it go crimes in a company, Shams at home in the right hand and the Blazers hanging tough down over 11 tonight with McDonald's one of love and replay given go action past gut, Nobody's under the basket.
Easy dunk for the letter green half minutes, consisting Turner coming in pressure off pertaining to a degree enough that he was a little bit lighter on that one.
Floating in a three pointer float float Game seven to know when they lead at home.
Going into the fourth quarters, as they did tonight, Damian Lillard rearranges in mid air and laid it in and draws the foul.
And he will go to the line custom to doing this.
Just getting to the rim.
It doesn't matter how you jump, how you challenge.
He will find a way under over the top around here.
Arms to finish.
Who's not.
Calling five to shoot Lillard at is a bomb with losing out of his veins under a minute remaining, C J will give today with 12 to shoot Lillard hard left hand dribble drive switches to the right finger.
Blazers lead by three.
Lillard with 29 under a minute remaining in the heat.
Lead is nine.
Lillard turns the corner, laid it in Damian Lillard with 42 tonight.
Lasers at home, too, and one beautiful.
Make that shot off this side is Damian launches early, picking up where he left off less than 24 hours.
Tough basket Bulls had 30 points in half of the pain, and they continue to pound the pain killers the way to a finger roll.
And he avoids Chris Done changed his mind.
This is Is that his nicest finish?
That's it's gotta be, you know, no top to Leonard Lehman.
Handle Lillard.
First time we've seen this combination on the floor.
Lillard leans in and knocks down a triple.
He's having an out of body game with another black.
That's his second here in the quarter.
Shooter and Paul George.
More playmaking responsibilities, No question.
Well, thanks it.
It's a three floor.
They come a chance to tired.
Take the lead name off the screen, goes figure, rolled it up in places, have two timeouts to Damian, goes to work to get it going.
Takes a shot out of a cannon right to the rim.
Here's the shot or the dunk, I should say from Damon.
Right over.
The top of Millsap goes quickly.
That's an ideal possession.
You go quick, get the score 2 to 3.
Steal by.
Lillard being chased, gets 31 points in eight minutes for the Blazers on a pretty good defense, feeding off the energy of their elite backcourt.
Damian Lillard steal the bucket.
Quinn calls another one double upside of three.
Great rebound by Labour that came down in a wicked angle outside.
Davian reloads and he knocks down a triple.
Those are the kind of place you look back on.
Lillard Boils Group 109103 about Damian Lillard tonight.
He has now scored 35 points on 25 shots with board here.
Now the Blazers redirects off the screen, right left.
Pumped it up again, and a foul is French peace.
Deep heads got to make a decision.
Put a hit on Laverne trying to spring day.
Many sends out a runner and he's found from behind and he'll shoot for a chance at a three point play Dave working it straight from Earth, skipping to the end line, fading on the jumper cottage.
Damian Lillard.
What a beauty he do right where he needed to go.
He's got George, 13 of 15.
The other way.
A glass plate it up.
Lefty Damien Little with 32 final five seconds here, we know it's going to take this shot.
Lillard on drugs, just a master at using every second says one of the best in the game.
Go to the basket using gets a side of this switch here.
But if he gets a shot of against Simmons in transition, the Blazers want a bigger defender garden against Simmons as David put an oppressive one out here and he is issuing ultimatum to Philadelphia.
Stop me now or stop me later.
What's it gonna be?
Well, they're not stopping him Now.
It's warriors to eight points here in the fourth quarter, which, with my Barbie a season low Lillard from D It's over, man on Lillard.
He's way out here in the corner, but he's got a big man on a minute.
Spread the floor.
He goes to work.
Seven to shoot dancing in pump fake, spends away from pressure.
Later Dr Hart to the spot sell The shop has made 24 of his last 42 from the three point line.
On the opposite side.
Damian Lillard, 108105 Wizard to lead a three.
We're in a minute.
I don't have to get three here.
Is going to take it.
Ever tied at one.
That explosive third quarter defends and blocks one on one.
I got you.
Give me that and then let him know about yet at the paint.
Shoot for Damian.
Living fighters from way down.
Miller artist.
Player to guard.
Might be him.
One on one.
You get to whatever he wants.
Outside from the A and Arena triple.
Not much over the last three games, there is teeing it up.
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Dame Time: Lillard’s best plays from the 2018-19 regular season | NBA Highlights

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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