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  • my first Raptors game.

  • I'm about to head into Jurassic Park for the first time.

  • Here we What is this?

  • This is a line, buddy.

  • Can I cut in line?

  • How would you describe that scene?

  • Good chaos.

  • Honestly, I just want to go crazy because you know, we're out of this world jumping by him.

  • What are the chances are gonna tear this often jump in that zero.

  • Why?

  • You don't have the muscles, right?

  • Are you that?

  • No.

  • God, no, I'm not that retired.

  • How about quiet letter?

  • Wow.

  • First of all, Colao Leonard.

  • That's how you pronounce his name.

  • Why are we so serious?

  • If a wise straight face, then I'm straight.

  • Who you got, Raymond or drinking came down.

  • Great.

  • Represent, man for the rappers.

  • How would you describe this culture?

  • This amazing culture?

  • Everybody coming together all together.

  • This is bringing Canada together.

  • And this is going to bring the championship from the Bay Area.

  • What's going on, man?

  • I'm an honorary wrapped way.

  • Have your people review.

  • You've been here.

  • You've seen it.

  • But have you ever seen anything like this?

  • Not only have I never seen anything like this, the NBA has never seen anything like this.

  • 20,000 people in the arena and 20,000 people outside.

  • Here's what you got to keep your helmet tight and follow me.

  • Oh, God, Don't drop down.

  • Oh, my God, man.

  • I had so much fun today.

  • I'm so sad.

  • It's over.

  • It's never over.

  • Welcome to the Raptors, seriously.

my first Raptors game.

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