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about the University of James Wiseman, the 2019 ESPN 100 number one recruit the 1st 7 footer to be ranked number one in ESPN 100 history.
Nobody like James Wiseman in this high school class.
When he goes to the basket, he's unstoppable.
James Wiseman, number one player in his high school class in the current favorite to hear his name called at the top of the 2020 NBA draft runs the floor pick and roll finisher can also protect the rim.
Incredible friend and step out and shoot threes.
This guy's gonna be a game change.
The 18 year old Tennessee native is a physical specimen with some similar Measurables Joe and be at the same age and being was a late bloomer with a different trajectory.
But the 71 Wiseman is in a similar class as one of basketball's most impressive physical more.
In addition to the aforementioned tools, Wiseman moves incredibly well for a player his size, as you can see here against Evan Mobley, agile with big hands, great length and impressive leaping ability.
His tremendous coordination allows him to take slower footed Biggs off the bounce, which he did with quite a bit of success.
The high school.
He's also capable of busting out, pushing on the brake on occasion.
His court awareness needs work in these situations, but how gracefully he moves at 71 is one thing that stands out most nb a staff.
He's also an excellent room runner when fully engaged with the feet and balance to Dodge help defenders like he does here against Mico Main.
On top of that, his 93 plus standing reach along with this leaping ability makes him a lob threat in transition and the half court.
Wiseman's massive £247 frame helps him go through opposing defenders as well.
He's not always as aggressive and physical is he could be.
But that's certainly not because of lack of sheer strength that's on display here against Washington freshman Isaiah Stewart, who's one of the most physically imposing presence is in the country.
Then again here, a rim run and ducking with both feet inside the paint.
He doesn't do this enough, but he's more than capable with that body.
At seven foot one, Wiseman has the frame toe live at the free throw line at the collegiate level.
And thanks to that strength, along with his athletic profile, he figures to be one of the most efficient finishers in the draft.
Wiseman's big reach and quickness makes him a factor on the backboards as well.
He's capable of getting two balls.
Opponents simply can't keeping plays alive on the offense of glass.
Although an inconsistent defense of rebounder, he's shown how impactful he could be when he finds a body in pursues with aggression.
Where Wiseman can really impact the game is as a rim protector.
Becoming an elite defense of Angkor is his ticket to a long, successful MBA career.
When he's fully locked in, Wiseman can really put a lid on the rim, which he showed MBA scouts firsthand at the Nike Hoops, swatting six shots in just 22 minutes.
He's at his best when he doesn't have to stray too far from his area.
But because of his agility in length, he does have quite a bit of defensive range for a guy his size.
His timing has improved over the years, and Wiseman should end up as one of the more prolific shot blockers in college basketball.
If everything comes together on top of his shot blocking potential.
Wiseman also has the physical profile to stand opposing bigs up in the post like he does here against Stewart.
Even if he doesn't have the outward mean streak, some scouts would hope you can see here just how impactful that 75 wingspan truly is.
Every team is looking for a big who can bang with Joel and be nickel Yokich in Karl Towns, and Wiseman is more than capable of doing exactly that.
He also has the agility to step out on guard the perimeter effectively, although that is an area where he struggled in high school.
Do the fundamentals and discipline.
We've seen Bigs with his physical profile and defense of potential before, but few have had the same level of skill upside as the Memphis freshman, Wiseman is most comfortable facing up in mid post areas and rising up from mid range jumpers.
He's at his best when he's deliberate, using inside pivots to get into attack mode before shooting over the top of his defender.
He's even shown some ability to create space with step backs showcasing ridiculous footwork for a player his size.
Wiseman's upside largely hinges on the type of three point shooter he could become.
While most comfortable in face up situations, he does have touch in decent range on his right shoulder jump hook, hell, even mixed in a right handed running hook on occasion as well.
He's still searching for a consistent way to score in the half court, but the framework is there to eventually punish the switches he's destined to face in the MBA.
While his feel for the game is one of his bigger question marks, Wiseman has at least proven that he can make most basic reads that are in front.
He's not an advanced passer or someone you're gonna really run your offense through.
But he's by all accounts an intelligent young man off the floor with the mental makeup to continue improving in that area.
If Wiseman can prove to NBA's doubts that he can think the game at a high enough level offensively, Hill, without a doubt earned strong consideration, is the top overall pick in the draft as he has the potential to check a lot of boxes on both ends of the floor.
Wiseman will look like a dominant defensive anchor for stretches, but he still has a long way to go with this fundamentals and discipline.
On that end of the floor, he's really prone to biting on head and shot fakes and can do a much better job of reading the opponent's intentions.
Wiseman is foul prone, in large part because of this jumpy nature.
He's also not quite as physical as he could be.
Like we outlined earlier.
He hasn't elite physical profile for a modern center, but he doesn't put that £247 frame to use like he could, allowing opposing Biggs to go through him to off.
As you can see here, he gets completely manhandled, trying to defend the underneath that transport.
His lack of physicality and sometimes subdued personality also shows up on the defensive glass.
Now it's a lot to ask for him to get inside the opposing big and pursue the ball here.
But it's a good example of how he lacks a degree of nastiness on that end of the floor.
Here again, he knows how to get in position to box out, but doesn't drive the opponent backward or pursue the basket.
What teams like about Wiseman is the fact that he has the agility to eventually step out in switch ball screens and stay with guards.
But he's a long way from realizing that potential because of his lack lustre, fundamentals and discipline.
As you can see here against Nico Manion, he's not in position to contain the ball, allowing Nanyan to get all the way to the charge circle before dropping it off to the road.
Then here against pressure Sichuan, he's completely relaxed in the stance and out of position.
He should be closer to the nail with his head in line with the ball, ready to contain penetration.
Instead, he's sleepwalking through the play and Precious gets a free lane to the front of the room.
When Wiseman is engaged in in position to keep the ball in front, he doesn't always take the best angles, opening up here and allowing Devi Louzada to get a paint touch, resulting in Nikko Manion Corner three.
He gets caught reaching far too often.
Also as you can see on this play, Manion comes off the screen to his left tight before blowing by the off balance Wiseman to draw the foul.
A similar scenario here against Anthony Edwards.
Wiseman caught with his feet staggered in reaching, allowing Edwards to get the edge and get into his body.
Even here, against Coal Anthony, you can see the type of positions that Wiseman puts himself in, not staying square or allowing himself to rely on his freakish tools.
His motor runs hot and cold, also not always giving the help that he could on the perimeter.
Now this is an All Star game setting, but you'd like to see him at least give some type of effort here on the dribble handoff.
Instead, Co Anthony walks right to the rim.
He's still developing the feel for how long to stay with the ball and when to return back to his man here.
He needs to stay with Edwards until Manion is fully back in front, especially with how deep the ballers you can see.
Tyreese Maxie is in perfect position to take away the pop Pasto, Wiseman's Man.
But Wiseman's too worried about getting back to his and ultimately leaves Nico on an island, resulting in an easy two points.
Lastly, he is not quite the forceful defense of anchor that he could be.
As you can see here with Evan Mobley, putting him on a poster.
He's in perfect position, but is the split second laid off the floor and lunges at the ball with his right arm rather than going up completely vertical and putting a lid on the rim.
Then again here in the same game, put on another poster by a small guard.
This is important because of how attached he is to Mobley, but pulling his hands back at the last second certainly won't help his current reputation as lacking a mean streak on the floor.
Then you can see more of his bad habits here, reaching against Anthony Edwards in the paint rather than going up to contest in the room again.
This is the McDonald's All American game, not known for his defense of intensity.
But you would have liked to see him take a little more pride in anchoring the defense, especially in transition.
There were a handful of possessions where he could have easily sprinted back to the paint and altered a shot with that 75 wingspan, but opted not to.
He's also still learning how to play the cat and mouse bluff and recover game as the back line defender when he's on an island, which is an area he should improve with more time and experience.
Wiseman's timing is still a work in progress.
He's often a split second laid off the ground, missing out on block opportunities more than you'd expect.
Given his tools sharpening those defensive instincts will allow him to avoid getting dunked on like we saw from time to time at the high school.
On the offensive end, Wiseman is still searching for his identity, as he doesn't quite have an elite skill.
Yet for him to become a more forceful finisher, he really benefit from setting more physical screens.
Too often, defenders are able to fight over the top of screens like cool.
Anthony does here on back to back possessions, Duda Wiseman's lack of physicality and poor technique.
He doesn't have the most shore hands, either.
As he's regularly bobbling passes, leaving points on the table around the room, he plays an anxious game on the offensive end, seeming to put a lot of pressure on himself and internalizing any shortcomings.
While he's blessed with such physical gifts, Wiseman has long been on a mission to prove himself as a jump shooter.
He has upside in that area but doesn't quite have the natural stroke of a Karl Towns type toe warrant.
Some of the shots he takes when he does get a mid post touch so many of his isolations end in off balance contested two point jumpers.
Unless he's able to develop into a LaMarcus Aldridge caliber mid range killer.
That's a tough way to make a living Theun Add in the fact that he's not the most natural facilitator, either, and it's fair to question just how highest ceiling is on the offense.
Event That's evident here is he misses a wide open Jeremiah Robinson Earl cutting along the baseline.
Wiseman has incredible tools and potential in a number of areas, but for him to maximize that potential, he'll have to improve across the board.
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James Wiseman's Joel Embiid-like measurables make him a top pick favorite | 2020 NBA Draft Scouting

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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