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What was your first and foremost take away from that Congress first take away was that it's almost a year too late.
Once you get released by the Houston Rockets after 10 games into a season, that's the time to start letting N b.
A team that know that you still available and your services are something that you want to start still put on display when you do it.
After you miss a season, you get further and further from being a part of a team.
That's what Mel is dealing with right now.
I know there was a comparison that you wanted to make here, from Carmelo Anthony to another very high profile player, Terrell Horns of the NFL.
If you look a T o right now, it seems like he can run routes and catch footballs with some of the receivers in the league.
Keeps himself in pristine shape, saying, what?
Carmelo Anthony?
When you see him doing workouts, the thing is this.
In the n b A, their 450 roster spots.
If you go roster spots 11 through 15 that's approximately the bottom 150 players, so you could look at Carmelo Anthony and say he's just as good as those 150 players.
But why is he not in the league?
Usually, those spots are reserved for people to be seen and not heard after a game.
You don't want somebody coming into a locker room interviewing you 11 guy, right about his role on the team.
That's what got Terrell Owens and or Carmelo unceremoniously as I'm calling it out of the league.
And here's another thing that I want veteran players to monitor.
When you start to become a version of your alter ego, that's never good as you become a veteran player and what I mean is, I saw Terrell Horns become teal.
I saw Chad become Osho.
I saw Ron.
Are tests become metta world peace?
I think all of those guys could have played more years.
Same Will Hoody and Beanie Melo.
I think he could have played more years, but when the media perception and now the front office perception is that your productivity doesn't eclipse your alter ego, they feel like it's birth, not having a veteran around it, that I agree with every word you said, and I would add to it.
You know what?
I feel sad, I felt said, watching.
This is a whole of fame player.
And make no mistake, he's going directly to the Hall of Fame and deservedly so.
This is how many Hall of Famers have gone out like that.
I've gone out basically going on TV and telling Stephen A.
Smith, I'm begging for a job here and no one will sign me that that does not happen in this.
What the other one is to really.
Well, it's a good analogy.
And here's the thing.
How about this?
Don't we talked so much about the NBA being a player driven league?
Yes, there could be superstar players to walk into their front offices say we want Carmelo Anthony a part of it.
It seems like that that's not happening, either.
He's also very close friends, a lot of very big stars.
As of right now, he doesn't have a job.
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Jalen Rose explains why Carmelo Anthony isn't an 11th man on an NBA team | Get Up

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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