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  • Wiz: 2000 years ago, a violent mutiny transpired in the Underworld.

  • The demon warrior Sparda apparently had a change of heart and decided to turn to the side of good.

  • He single-handedly vanquished the Underworld's leader, and sealed himself and the hellish realm away from Earth.

  • Boomstick: Either way, he snuck out of hell to hang out for a couple decades, knock up this chick named Eva, and then die.

  • Wiz: Sparda's relationship with Eva spawned two half-demon twin brothers.

  • You may already know the younger of the two, Dante.

  • Boomstick: Oh yeah, he fought that witch chick.

  • Wiz: But the eldest and potentially deadliest of the two was named Vergil.

  • Boomstick: Vergil and his baby bro Dante were rivals from pretty much the moment they popped out of the old mom-mobile.

  • Dante was a goofball, Vergil was serious.

  • Dante hated being a demon, Vergil loved it.

  • It's that odd couple thin'.

  • Wiz: But then one fateful day, in an act of vengeance against Sparda's family, a group of rogue demons separated the two brothers and killed their mother.

  • Vergil was believed to be dead.

  • But in reality, Vergil was setting out on his own path to seek his father's power in order to protect his loved ones from danger.

  • Boomstick: But he'd never say that out loud.

  • Besides, Vergil's 100% equipped to be a butt-kicking demon slayer.

  • As a half-demon, Vergil can jump several times his own height, move at supersonic speeds, and heal himself quickly.

  • Like that Wolverine guy, but better.

  • He can tough out getting stabbed through the lungs, intestines, the heart, body parts I'm pretty sure most people need.

  • Wiz: Not if my experiment has anything to say about it...

  • Boomstick: What was that?

  • Wiz: I said not if Vergil's abilities have anything to say about it!

  • Boomstick: Well, sadly for the demons who don't know their future ruler yet, Vergil also happens to carry some weapons on hand, includin' his spiffy katana called tomato.

  • Wiz: Yamato.

  • Boomstick: Eh.

  • Now, I know it doesn't look like much, but this sword can supposedly cut through anything, even dimensions.

  • Which kinda makes sense, cause Yamato is the exact thing Sparda used to seal off the demon world in the first place.

  • And he keeps that blade at his side closer than I keep a handle of whiskey.

  • Oh Speakin' of which this one's empty gotta go grab a new one from the kitchen.

  • Wiz: We don't have any in the kitchen.

  • Boomstick: Oh-ho, we do now.

  • I rigged the sink up so that it's alcohol instead of water.

  • Wiz: I watered my man-eating plants with that this morning. Do you know what happens when they get drunk?

  • I'll make sure to come back next week for the full episode where the Son of Sparta battles the One Winged Angel.

  • Boomstick: Hey Wiz the plants are huggin' each other and sayin' I Love You Man over again.

Wiz: 2000 years ago, a violent mutiny transpired in the Underworld.

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