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  • Joe.

  • Thanks so much for joining us is one of the premier three point shooters in the n B A.

  • Last year.

  • You lead the league, take us through your routine.

  • Are you superstitious?

  • One of the type of things you want to do before a game to make sure you're set to go?

  • Yeah, I always I've been doing the same shooting routine before.

  • Practice and games, Um, less five years.

  • I always started it in about an arm's length away.

  • Make five from five spots, try and get swishes.

  • And then I kind of gradually worked my way out to be a three, taking a step back after every make, work my way back in five free throws.

  • And then I thought, Right where I'm at right now in the mid range, and then I work my way back to three and I do some situational stuff.

  • Uh, just like some different shots on the move and shots that I'll get in the game.

  • Nice.

  • Hey, Joe, it's Jeff Van Gundy.

  • I want to ask you about this 38% a couple years ago, then 41 47 now early in this year.

  • Improved once again from three.

  • What's the reason for your improvement from three You came in as a great shooter?

  • Is a shot selection, improved balance and technique?

  • What do you what reasons are there for the improvement?

  • It twice.

  • I think on a lot of it, like anything with the game.

  • It's just the level of confidence as I got more familiar, you know, in the league and with my role, sort of solidified myself.

  • Just been ableto play with a little more confident, shoot the ball a little bit more confidence, and I think that's sort of a direct result of the percentage increasing every year.

  • Joey notice you laughed when Jeff began his questions.

  • You spent a lot of time with him this summer with the Team USA in the People World Cup.

  • Jeff on the coaching staff, you one of the players at any point.

  • Were you scared of him During the course of that experience?

  • I wouldn't say I was scared of any point, but I will say that Jeff provided some good, uh, comedic relief over the course of the trip.

  • It was a long trip, and I'll say that he was definitely the favorite coach in terms of getting the scouting report.

  • That's all that's all, say, age.

  • 01 last thing, your turnovers.

  • Not yours personally, but your team's turnovers are near 20.

  • What guy?

  • What you guys do to take care of the ball better is that chemistry is a better fundamentals.

  • What do you think?

  • I think it's a little bit of a mix of both.

  • Honestly, what?

  • Um we, uh you know, so getting familiar with one another.

  • But I think playing a little bit too careless at this point and a lot of it is just, you know, the level of a focus.

  • You know, guys understanding the place, the personnel where people are going to be that some kind of come along.

  • And I think once it does, the turnovers will go down as well.

  • I appreciate the time.

  • Good luck tonight.

  • Good luck.

  • Rest of the season.

  • I'm like, Oh, thank you.

  • Thanks, guys.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.


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Joe Harris is mic'd up for his Nets pregame routine vs. the Rockets | NBA on ESPN

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