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I would be way more upset if I was a Knicks fan from happening last week.
One, It looks like a wise headed to Brooklyn.
Everything that's happened is line that Kyrie.
I'm sorry, Kyrie, Right?
These caves are messing up to Durant is now out and questionable what he's gonna be.
I don't know where.
We know where he is with New York.
And three, We got the Celtics and the Lakers involved in the serious bidding for Anthony Davis.
And I can kind of understand that because if you're the Knicks, why would you give up all these assets when you may not be apparent with the star right away?
And now I'm wondering where the Knicks are gonna have left and whether the Knicks, you know, they made the decision back in 2010 and Jim Dolan was right there for it when they couldn't get Bosch.
Waiter LeBron.
They took Amar E.
Nomar Stoudemire was injured, and that was why it was a risky play.
That's why didn't it backfiring on him?
I don't know if the Knicks, you know, you look at a guy that Kimble walkie looking together.
Chris Middleton galley Jimmy Butler.
You're not really worried about injuries there, but you're worried about devoting $150 million So maybe a non difference maker.
I don't know what the Knicks do.
I really don't.
And so to me, um, the Knicks have suffered most with this Durant situation.
Um, I don't have a re for Kevin is gonna do.
What I do feel good about is that the warriors are gonna offer him that five years, 200 million.
I think they're gonna put that on the table, and I think he's gonna have to consider Why do you feel guilty about that?
I've been told it there.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean like, in that regard I was when I was saying I thought you liked in another world.
I think this like I mean, I know we feel like that's gonna happen.
Yeah, right.
We all do.
You me wasn't Urowsky, all of them.
But when you said feel good, I think I really like that.
I don't know what I don't know what was going to.
He has left a lot of money on the table in the past, and his money is going to be protected.
Um, he's not gonna lose money on this.
So, um, he's kind of riel, you know?
Is he Master, decide.
Hey, where do you wanna rehab?
You know, one of the pitches t him.
Like, if the Knicks come in and meet with him, they may say, Hey, listen, if you want to rehab in Los Angeles will send our people out there and take care of you every single day in Los Angeles.
You want to rehab in Miami Bullets?
You've rehab in Miami, like part of the pitch.
Like, if I'm the Clippers and I want Kevin Durant, I'm looking out there to find the best specialist I can and or to give you offer him support.
Like if you don't want to rehab with us, You have this hospital in this person.
And this therapy in this facility like that is now part of the pitch, your pitches And look, we've got these draft picks and this is our plant.
Your pitch is how you're gonna help him get back 200%.
Why are the warriors in line?
Offer him the five year max deal?
Is it because a He's Kevin Durant and you believe that he will ultimately come back and be everything he was before he went down.
Be because you got a whole bunch of people you got to take care of, and as a result, you're not gonna have the maneuverability that bring somebody from the outside back into the mix and get somebody else or C because you're feeling guilty because of everything that's transpired over the last few days and all of this noise about how they could have handled things a bit better.
All of the above, I think all the above this is a tough situation for the Warriors.
Do you think about it?
You could sit there and say, Look, if you can just get into the playoffs next year, Clay, maybe back claim may be back for the playoffs, and you may say, all right, if we can just get in If we could just get the seven seed, maybe we can have Draymond clay and staff and we could make a run.
But the same time, if Kevin re signs here and probably doesn't play, they're looking at a $350 million payroll, including taxes.
That's important because that assumes clay re signs to then you like.
Well, even if you want to keep boogie cousins, even though you don't able to pay him about $667 million it would cost you like 25 million.
Now it's 3 75 Let's say you want to go because you need wings, because you're too to your best wing players.
Air The league are done.
You gotta go sign a wing with your mid level exception for another six million.
That's gonna cost another 25 million.
So now you're looking at maybe a $400 million payroll to struggle to get the eighth seed, are you?
Are you able to do that?
Are you able t you know.
Okay, you're gonna keep Kevin cause it's a five year investment gonna keep plates of five year investment.
Are you willing to go that extra 50 million because of what it's gonna cost you in tax?
Because you're so far into the tax.
The farther you go, the more penal it is.
Are you going to do that?
That's the discussions that there have.
And I think the discussions about what they're gonna offer two Clay and Kevin are gonna do relatively simple.
Brian Winters right here with Stephen, a ESPN Radio, ESPN News.
Let's get to some of these other guys because obviously, Clay is expected to stay.
Kevin Durant.
We don't know what he's going to do.
Let's get back to the New York Knicks.
I believe you.
The New York Knicks.
You offer K d the max and you live and you live with the fact that you gonna have to wait a year or full season in order to get him.
Because guess what?
It doesn't matter.
The key thing for me with the New York Knicks is to be attractive enough for other people to want to come and play with you and for you.
That is the big deal.
Having said all of that, I think Anthony Davis is a superstar as well.
But here's the one thing that I'm concerned about.
Anthony Davis wasn't playing with a scrub in Jalaluddin Drama that can ball.
Where did you get him?
Semifinals off of the Western Conference playoffs wants Okay, so if you go to New York and you gotta wait for K D or you go to New York and Katie is not gonna come, but it's Kemba Walker that's there.
Suddenly, if I'm Anthony Davis, how attractive is that situation for me?
That's one of the reasons why rich Paul is making it crystal clear.
They're gonna be free agents even if they get a place where they want.
He's made it clear they're going to be free agents because I think they want to see how it plays out.
You know, I also think that if you're Anthony Davis, you may.
You know the world may be completely different in 2000.
20 years is in 2019 because of Katie.
And so and because because of play on also, I believe the warriors will be.
You know, if these guys recover, the Warriors will be right back where they were.
So you may want to position yourself in a certain way, and you may not want to make that decision right now.
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'The Knicks have suffered most with this Durant situation' - Brian Windhorst | Stephen A. Smith Show

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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