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Have the homeless become so invisible
We wouldn't notice our own family members living on the street?
People agreed to pose as homeless
Then we had their unsuspecting relatives walk by
My sister and her family have lived in New York for like 8 years now.
She took care of me when I was a little kid because my parents were working.
Every Sunday I cook, and so...my uncle calls me.
And, uh, he will be like "Hey! What are you making?"
Nobody meets in bars anymore, but I met my wife in a bar.
You know, 34 years later,
still working.
My grandma had a lot of costumes from the theater she started.
When we were kids, we dressed up in those costumes,
and we put on little sketches for the family.
In my whole life --
I've always felt like we were like a team, my brother and I.
I think there's nobody who can understand you quite like your family.
That's my cousin.
That's really weird.
She ain't even look.
I know she is not homeless.
Cause I just hung out with her a couple weeks ago.
But I mean it's --
I did not know that that person walking...when I was walking by is her.
It''s ...You know, things are a lot more real...
than you expect, so..
Change how you see the homeless
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Have the Homeless Become Invisible#當家人成為街友(隱藏字幕)

27528 Folder Collection
Solomon Wolf published on March 9, 2018    Solomon Wolf translated
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