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Mallika Andrus is blessing the show, and she live from Orlando headed out there on Monday.
So many questions because you're getting ready to go into the bubble, you're not quite in the bum.
Out gets what survive like in Orlando.
For you, it's rainy.
Um, it is so like you said I I got to Orlando on Monday.
Um, I flew from New York where you are, and Waas safely transported by a driver who showed me He said, Hey, look, he see, Here's my Here's my negative Corona virus test.
It's that you know where you get in the car with me.
Got in the car, drove to a hotel.
That's about a three minute drive from where the actual bubble campus is going to be.
It's where nb a staff were staying right now.
It's where folks who are actually building the event putting the floors down in the sports complex.
Things like that are actually staying before we head to court unquote into the bubble tomorrow.
And what it's been like is I basically haven't left my hotel room save for going down to the lobby to grab food, and I can't bring back up to my room.
I needed in my room.
And then I also lied once a day to go and get tested for Corona virus.
So other than that, I've been in my little room.
And when I do leave, you have to have to wear a mask.
I sometimes, but on two I'm at like, uh, paranoid, I guess about it.
And they ask you to wash your hands all the time.
I wear rubber gloves, and then if you don't have a mask, they provide you with these N b a.
A little logo on them, right?
You're breaking a little bit here.
Something the bottle can get their MBA master.
Um, So what are they like?
Are they like surgical master?
The cloth mass, these air, these air surgical either.
And these are not cloth these air more the medical, they feel like medical.
Now, I they're not in 95 fasts or any doubt that they feel like medical mass.
They have a cool little logo on them.
And yeah, any time you walk into the space to get tested, they shoot up almost like a laser beam style thermometer.
Ritual forehead.
They take your temperature, you go and get tested.
Its one swab the first Dayton's way up, tickling your brain in one nostril, swatting the other nostril at thirds.
Walk down your throat and do that every single day.
And it's what the players will be going through when they come down next week.
Okay, so you guys, why why are you not in the bubble quite yet?
What, what is the action?
As far as you know this, this whole process, because players are expected next week, right?
But both embassy staff and reporters are not quite on the campus at why is that right?
So most reporters aren't going to be arriving until mid July because ESPN and Turner partners would believe I'm down here a little bit early to be quarantined in time on, have been tested diligently in time for when players arrived.
So we'll be able to do our jobs well down there and then right now, like you said, more envious tapas.
You're just setting up the worldwide sports complex.
I was told that the floor hasn't even actually been put down in the gyms yet.
They were just finishing up the lighting and the gyms today so that the process of the NBA staff are sorting through right now.
So what is the the process like right now, as far as getting ready for players to arrive there, they're arriving.
You know, in a week or so Yeah.
I mean, I noticed even today, as we're one step closer to actually heading into the bubble that the safety in terms of the testing site has even gone up a notch.
There weren't security, uh, places you had to walk through metal detectors that you had to walk through before today.
The regular temperature checks just started today.
They were a little bit more infrequent for the past two days.
I was doing that, were asked to do them on our own on dso You're seeing that already start to ramp up.
Those plans start to ramp up because ready or not, I mean, the players are going to be coming.
And so this is the protocol.
They want to be set in place and believe it or not, Cassidy, it's going to get even stricter when we actually enter the bubble tomorrow.
Yeah, I mean, and in, like you said, your you're kind of like a guinea pig.
I sure that, like you're following the right protocols, we actually have a picture of you, One of our friends on the boss, your social distance.
You know, the name, your parents, but both of us, you know, having been in New York for the last couple of months, let's just say, like, were affected and very aware of how this virus, you know, it can capture community.
So here you are, massed up proper distance away.
Eso you know, like the spread of this virus is It's a big concern.
I know The n b a.
You know, it is planning for positive tests.
Um, you know, as we're seeing right now, more more players or testing positive specifically, you know, we're seeing with the Brooklyn Nets.
Ah, team you've been covering and Spencer Dinwiddie is is one of the most recent nets to confirm his illness with Kobe.
He's actually experiencing, uh, some symptoms as he's he's tweeting right now that today I haven't been in the bed this much since my surgery.
But how are Spencer and the Nets handling his case specifically?
So Sharmarke spoke the general manager of the Nets spoke to reporters today on a zoom call, and he essentially said that at this point, he doesn't believe that anymore.
Players are going to opt out of Orlando, but remember, they have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were both sidelined with injuries and won't be traveling to Orlando even to observe their teammates.
Nick Klaxon, their rookie, had season ending, shouldering a season ending shoulder surgery in late June.
So he's not going to be making that trip of them.
And then Wilson Chandler told me over the weekend that he's opting out of Orlando to care for his aging grandmother and his three Children.
And then you have DeAndre Jordan, who tweeted out that he has Corona virus, and it does not plan to join the team in Orlando's.
That's already five players were sure with one team.
They're not heading to Orlando, and Spencer has said that his play in Orlando is in jeopardy because of coronavirus.
Now, one thing to remember, though, as we talked about off there before, this is that up until players arrived, which is considered Phase four within the MBA protocol, if they are medically cleared to play, even if they're just a positive for Corona virus if they have recovered, if they've tested negative twice and have been medically cleared and elect not to play, they can still be subject two financial penalties from the team and lose big track of money for DeAndre Jordan.
That's to the tune of $1.2 million.
He doesn't have a replacement, and that's could give him a put in a replacement player.
So there's a lot of decisions to be made for these guys, not just from a Corona virus health perspective, but if they elect not to play, which is totally valid.
And Sean Mark said that he would support any player who does not want to go to Orlando for any reason.
There are financial repercussions potentially thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.
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What it's like inside the NBA bubble right now | Hoop Streams

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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