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Oh, you got tricks?
Hung out a little bit left.
Due to what up dough?
We're off the clock.
Thank God.
This is Maria Taylor.
This gentleman is Jay Williams.
I'm Jalen.
The NBA season has started.
Tipped off.
Are you about the new season?
Pumped about it.
Got all these do is going out there in the league.
Which do is the best Marie, 80.
And LeBron, enough said right.
They figured out the pick and roll.
That should be a real thing.
But I was in L.
When the Clippers were playing against Lakers in the first game of the season, I was there thinking, Like, who?
This is gonna be a terrible season.
So, honestly, I'm happy to see him kind of figure it out and look so smooth, like the offense has a rhythm.
Now LeBron knows what to do, where to give it to a T and whatever.
He just 25 free throws or something ridiculous like that.
40 point crazy.
I'm excited about it.
We're talking about duels.
What do you think about the duo in Houston?
James Harden and Russell Westbrook.
Can they win the West?
Hell No, I think they're not gonna come out of the West.
Um I think the most exciting team to watch I love watching them play because they're stop fillers and they both like, every time they have the ball in her hands, something good is gonna happen.
But just how bad they are Defensively, man, they just don't defend.
So it's like as quick as they could be up, I've seen them give up leads in a hurry.
Prime example.
The Brooklyn game 1 58 to the Wizards Wizards.
I know Bradley Bill.
I know you said out there, Bradley.
Bill, You guys can hope, but I love you.
Respect tweeted at, you know, he came at me and I respect it.
Respect, respect, Bradley, Bill.
But there's no way the Rockets let the Wizards have 100 58 points in the game.
A dual that gets, I guess, overlooked because they already played together.
It's happening in Philly, my favorite to win the East.
What do you think about the dynamic duo of Philly Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons?
I love it.
I love it because, okay, we put so much pressure on bid to be great.
Be a great shooter.
Ball block.
But we forgot what he's already good at.
Like he can get anybody in a position to be successful.
Like the dude is an assist king.
If he has the ball in his hands, gonna make something happen.
He's a playmaker.
So to be it didn't matter.
The jump shot came through.
And, you know, Joel would promise me he was gonna be making some jump shots.
Don't lie.
Was suing the ball like he was MJ the whole summer.
Okay, I tell you some that surprised me, though.
You know, we've been here all these reports back in the day about the awkwardness between Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons that could they be on the same page.
Well, having played, everybody played.
I've seen multiple times of rain fights.
Now, if I didn't rock with you, but there was a fight, I'm staying out of him.
Ball did that in that leg.
You go.
I'll go ahead and do that.
Ben Simmons got in there though, Like without seeing.
What happened?
I think that kind of says something about how they're going to play this season.
Winning is suspended, right?
I don't know about peacemaker if you have a you came out of nowhere.
You looking out for Jalen and Uto called me.
I will provide context.
So Okay, because he had him down on the ground and cat and who have known each other for a long time.
And he did say to cat multiple times like I'm here, Cat, you're good, You're good, you're good.
So I don't know if there's one gotta come calling cat down.
Maybe it will be been Simmons.
Do you still think the sixes can win it all this year?
I remember you talking.
I mean, talked about it earlier in the year.
Here's my thing.
The Clippers are the best team in basketball, right?
If they're hitting the office having Paul George back, it's different.
I've only shot I think Philadelphia would have is if they can make the game really ugly, like that's how feeling can win.
Filling can be a little bit of the Detroit bad boy pistons a little bit.
They play that way all the time.
I just wonder sometimes if Joel Embiid is mature enough to sustain that kind of physicality and not let that immature to get out of way.
Sometimes, that's all I got a dynamic dual in Dallas that they have a great chance to make the playoffs.
Yes, you call the Golden State Warriors not making the playoffs.
I'll give you credit for that, but somebody now has to go in.
What do you think about the Mass Luca and poor Zynga's?
I feel like they now make the playoffs.
I'm starting to think that Paul wasn't as crazy as I thought Paul was when he said Luca might be more in the top five most entertaining players watching the league.
I think they're talented.
Didn't he used one of those words that kind of left right for debate?
He let you debate it, But I will tell you, though, every time I watch the Dallas game like a walk away like them, Luca got it in his bag.
Anywhere he wants in Port Zynga's for comfort for not playing a game in a long time, like he's found his rhythm pretty quickly.
Yeah, it's scary.
There's a reason why he's gonna end up with more, and I came over the staff a triple doubles by the time he's 21 or 22 or something like that because, like he showed up with this ability, we like the Euro League accepted.
We didn't know what he was going to come and look like, but he looks like he belonged from day one.
And so now to see him year to like, nothing fazes him.
I don't know that he's gonna have Ah, you know, like a sophomore slump or there's gonna be a stretch of games where he doesn't play very well.
And even if he does now that Porzingis is they're speaking of a slump.
What's up with Denver?
Hey, you talk me through this, Jake, I can my Brown me.
They're not sneaking up on anybody anymore.
That's what it is.
And also their M v P candidate in The Joker ain't plan like it.
He looks like he had a shaky Yeah, looked a little lethargic.
He never was really athletic.
And now that board long athletic players are bothering them defensively and they're making him shoot over contest without fouling him, that's been the key.
So they need Michael Porter Jr to become on All star level player.
This makes it cures, because I wonder why Mike Malone then rock out with him earlier, and I understand that they developed a lot of talent, so I'm not going to combat that with Malone.
But, I mean, he did drop for 15 years at night, off the bench, and that's part of that.
That's what they need.
Points off the bench.
But his injury history gotta play safely.
I am with you.
You got play actually play nine minutes in college.
What is that?
Three back surgeries at his age?
When I got to tell you, he ready to go?
You like, I'm give you another week, because is injury history.
I was going to say he didn't look limber either.
You know what I mean?
Like, it didn't look like he was moving a smooth as we've seen him play before.
So Denver was a surprise last year?
New season early.
Your biggest surprises.
We're gonna go good and bad.
Let's start with the good First to be positive.
Who's your vest?
Surprised early in the league.
So, you know, I'm enjoying watching who the heat and not I mean, part of it is like this Tyler hero thing, which you all need to all go back and see what he was wearing at the draft, because in my mind it was like he showed up.
He was right about you.
Try to put everybody on notice.
He tried to put the whole league on notice with the suit, But honestly, like everyone who's in that system enjoys being with the heat like, I think it takes a certain type of discipline player to flourish there.
And it seems like they got the right group of people, and that was with Jimmy Butler out.
Then you, Adam back into the mix, and now you got to closer, etcetera, etcetera.
And the disappointments got to be the Warriors, cause that's like probably the largest leading that we can take to the floor.
I love the heat.
Tyler hero has a little bit like that white chocolate swag, which I love about it.
I know we would say how you compare one white guy to another, but that's just naturally what you do.
They have that in common.
Yeah, exactly.
It's all right, and, uh, then I will probably Kendrick Nunn shot out the Kendrick.
No, no, nobody's going there.
Play for the D League all last year, did his thing in this year, Officer leading them in points and I would probably go biggest disappointment.
I just I think I expected more out of Sacramento like I just and I know Marvin Bagley got her.
I thought the Aaron Fox, We're gonna take that next step.
I just thought they were going to be on the rise in the Western for them and have that start.
It's disappointed they changed.
Coaches agree outside?
Brought in Luke Walton.
They thought that he was going to be the guy to take him to the next step.
Hasn't necessarily happened yet for me.
I like both you guys picks.
I'm still gonna go with the maths as a surprise, but I think they're going to make the playoffs.
Gotta be disappointed in the Warriors.
Yeah, here's a team.
And with the five straight NBA finals yeah, you lose k d a.
You lose clay.
But I feel like there team with staff with Draymond makes the playoffs.
Now they lose curry.
We like they should tank.
But do they have to try to tank just playing in the West?
That Lett's call for what it is like I mean, I love watching Draymond Green play.
He's a great glue guy on any team, but he's gonna be a little bit exposed offensively when you need him to score and, you know, deal.
Oh so good, given the ball up and get in the back and scoring.
Stephan Curry.
That's a lot of pressure for this team, but still you can lose.
Get a top 20 protected drive pick and then next year they could.
It could be like what the Spurs were in 1997.
Thank you.
Professionals for taking the time out of your busy lives to get in their content.
More off the clock.
See also thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube form or sports highlights and analysis.
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Tyler Herro, Nikola Jokic and the biggest surprises and disappointments in the NBA | Off the Clock

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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