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  • all right.

  • It's also the speaking of big boys, the first season that the MBA fans could enjoy.

  • Zion Williamson, who will have 20 national TV appearances, the most for the Pelicans since Chris Paul graced the big, easy notable match ups, includes facing the defending champs on opening night on TNT.

  • Zion also faces this former Duke teammate R.

  • J.

  • Barrett at MSG on ESPN, as well as number two pick John Marantz on MLK Day.

  • He also faces all the top teams in the West throughout the season.

  • On our family of networks, so David is I unworthy hop star status.

  • Already, we've only got a very small glimpse of so far before he pulled out of that summer league game back in Vegas.

  • But that was the most type I've seen a summer league prospect have probably dating back to Blake Griffin.

  • I think it exceeded the Blake Griffin hype, and so, just knowing that the MBA is banking on him being a star, he has all the skills.

  • He has the love of the game.

  • He looked pretty good, and the photos we saw the rookie photo shoot looked like this offseason.

  • Regiment of the two days.

  • It seems to be working well with his body and, you know, let's put him on because people love to be able to say It's like a band, right?

  • You be able to say that like I knew them before before they were really big.

  • To be able to say And look back on these games if he ends up being this ball two time All star this this great player and say I was able to watch all those games and I saw the development before my very eyes.

  • That's why the MBA is backing on him.

  • 20 games is not enough.

  • I want to see more.

  • I mean, look, the we saw him for just a few minutes in summer league, but the few minutes we saw Oh good.

  • When he stole that ball and basically made the other guy look like a little kid and into the ball and stole the candy and gum.

  • Yeah, I want to see all of that.

  • And I want to see more of that than just 20 games.

  • I want to see him on national TV.

  • I'm gonna be tuning in the NB TV all the time to watch it when I think I think today's point Zion is more spectacle.

  • I think even that star at this point, right, Like we don't know how good he's gonna be right away.

  • But we know that everybody wants to see him play no matter what right like people are going to in.

  • You mean we saw that there was standing room only crowd in Vegas.

  • You had people going crazy when he walked out on the court to do no layup lines.

  • Way did a 3 60 dunk at night like, I mean, he plays to the crowd.

  • Yeah, so I don't know if he's gonna be an all star right away.

  • I know he's going to be a good, like, a really good player right away, but he's a guy that there would be no question in all the arenas around lead Wherever the pelicans go, people are like, I gotta go see Zion Place.

  • Well, there's a difference between you know, I think, uncovering some early the last four years when Lonzo Ball had his summer league, it was it was huge, but long does game.

  • You know, he's more of a distributor.

  • Ah, and so the excitement.

  • It's not a highlight reel type of game.

  • Zion is Ah, highlight after highlight, and so to point.

  • It is a spectacle in something that you know fans want to see.

  • Case in 0.20 national television games.

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all right.

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