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you hear Mark Cuban speaking out about how white people have to stop being insecure or defensive, I think, he said about privilege when this when these things are brought up, its though the NBA's perceived, I think, for good reason as more progressive than, say, the NFL or Major League Baseball is, Dominique has pointed out, it's a pretty low bar.
It is still overwhelmingly a white, um, owned league.
What do you think the responsibility is for these white billionaire owners to speak out?
And how should they support?
Or rather, what do you think their responsibility is?
Given this these circumstances?
Well, I wouldn't necessarily Kattegat categorize ownership.
Um, I think it's all of us.
It's It's the players.
It's the coaches I know.
From my vantage 0.1 of the biggest things has has been to Teoh, understand and to educate yourself.
I think the more that you do that, the better feel you have, the more comfort you have.
And what I've found personally is whatever reluctance or discomfort there exists to talk about and really embrace and confront these issues for for white people, Um, that's that's a real first step, and then I think, you know, we see racism, you see discrimination.
It's practiced everywhere and it's practiced too much that our awareness has all been raised.
And I think you also hear that awareness isn't enough.
And I would I would agree with that.
I think a lot of a lot of people right now, hopefully more than a lot you know, would agree with that.
And one of the you know, the obvious things for me again.
Speaking from the vantage point of Ah, the white man who also enjoys that privilege is in those situations, it's It's not enough to not characterize yourself as racist.
You know, this is about combating and confronting racism and even when it exists in yourself.
And I think that's, you know, part of the transparency that we all need to look at ourselves first and then see ways that we can contribute.
Not only Teoh are our particular role, but how we fight that and combated and confronted.
And I think that's a pivot.
Hopefully that can continue to be made.
All right, I would take us back to the basketball bubble, so I've been thinking about a lot, how it's gonna impact different teams, and I was wondering what you thought, given that you have a young team, Do you think that being away from distractions and not having the travel is a boon to a young team like yours?
Or do you think that that's an extra hurdle that more experienced team might be more comfortable dealing with?
It's a great question, and one, I wish I could give a more concrete answer.
I'll tell you what my hope is.
I think teams that are connected, it's true.
You know, teams that are connected that are unselfish, that have leadership, those air, always the teams that you know.
There's a lot of talented teams, some maybe more so than others.
But those teams that have those intangibles of the ones that win and you know, I prefer to call it a campus in a bubble.
Um, but you do have some of the same, you know, psychological challenges.
And in that regard, I feel like competitiveness, you know, in different situations, you know, you were using the same ball, the baskets air still 10 feet.
But there's gonna be a lot of things that are different, and I think we're gonna be able to feel those as were there.
There's going to be more no malice E as you're there longer.
But I think that competitive focus, you know, will be something.
And really, you know, the best players in the world.
They have that, and to the extent that leadership is prevalent, I think that's part of being a great player.
That's what we see from the great pennant players in our league.
They practice that and they'll lead the way for their teams.
So if you're a team that doesn't have a zoo, were a more balanced team, Um, and I think that can that can be an advantage if we take advantage of it the right way.
Um, you know where we have different players that are stepping up at different times and we get more of a collective leadership from our group.
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Quin Snyder on why white people need to confront racism | First Take

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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