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  • animals.

  • Danger.

  • Hi.

  • Hi, guy.

  • You see next to me will change your mind about.

  • And this'll is a bus.

  • Hi, My name is abuzz.

  • I am Heinemann.

  • Bass lives in a remote village in Ethiopia where many dangerous wild hyenas live.

  • But instead of getting scared, Abbas became their friend.

  • During the day a pass goes to the market to find food.

  • I buy food and takes it to his home.

  • And during the night, hyenas come out and magically show up at his doorstep not to attack him, but to play and eat with him it out of my friend.

  • He even knows a thing or first name fences.

  • Because this group is his family's tradition for four urination.

  • What you're looking at is an amazing example of how animals are not our enemies.

  • Because even hyenas, the wild, dangerous animals, can become human's best friend.


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