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  • Let me ask you a question.

  • How hard is the English language to you?

  • And to me, it's probably not that hard, because we can already speak it.

  • But to many others around the world, the English language is actually pretty difficult.

  • So these people don't learn English.

  • We don't learn their language, and eventually no one can communicate with anyone.

  • This is a real problem around world because there's just too many languages in the world.

  • But over the past week, I learned about a new language that is designed to fix this problem.

  • The language is called.

  • Someone hundreds of years ago realized that this language stuff is a problem.

  • And so they decided toe make up an entirely new language that is very similar to English but much simpler.

  • It has no heart grammar, no long wars and no ready sentences.

  • It's everybody's dream language.

  • Instead of coffee, you see library, house, university, big school feet high dinner night, jungle, Big bush.

  • There is no I am.

  • She is.

  • You are Here is none of that stuff.

  • There is only me, you all.

  • Instead of 26 English letters, there is only 22.

  • These letters are out and complicated sentences are out.

  • Please do not disturb in English is simplifying too, you know.

  • Come inside too, you know can come in sight.

  • No smoking allowed is simplifying to you.

  • Can't smoke to look at you look nice.

  • Exactly.

  • You get the idea.

  • This language is so good that it might actually save a life.

  • Take Papa New Guinea for exams.

  • They have 800 trying and in common languages it's almost impossible to communicate with all tribes if you don't learn 100 languages until you know language like he now tribes can talk to each other in pigeon and fight each other less because they can finally understand.

  • This is how a formal pigeon finally begin on official language in the country property guinea, in West African countries and in many places around the world.

  • And the other thing, I love this language because you don't need crazy grammar, crazy long words and crazy sending structures just to talk to humans.

  • All we really need is a way to understand each other.

Let me ask you a question.

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